Cave man principal

This narrative will have ties to my first thought narrative


An Interaction


It was a long few light cycles since Animkii experienced the light wall destroyed his home across the river he was upset about the loss but was thankful he lived. He was walking with his essentials in his back and his spear in hand in case he ran into a wolf or other animals. It was time for Animkii to sleep but something told him not to he was very weary, at the time of the dark light cycle he noticed a light from in the distance.  Slowly he crept towards the light when Animkii reached the top of the hill he was overcome with surprise there was a camp bigger than his but the thing that surprised him the most was there was more like him. He was so intrigued by the fact that there were others like him that he wondered towards the camp. No one was there so he wandered back to the hill and slept the rest of dark cycle. He woke up in the early light cycle surrounded by curious eyes he was startled but curious so he got up and was surrounded three female and two male. As he finally rose they moved back from him seeming to give him space by instinct Animkii rose his hand open, the group flinched but the one who seemed to be the alpha rose his hand and met Animkii’s.  Animkii grunted his first words and received a cloudy reply of words from the whole group in perfect unison they started to walk to the camp.





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