5 Qualities of a Political leader

A true leader shows many different characteristics, which proves their worth and ability to govern the country, city, or town. But they also need to be able to collaborate with other leaders of a political kind to help benefit their acquaintances.  Being able to collaborate is like putting a cornerstone onto a building, it reassures you the trust that that you put into that person will hold strongly with others. It can help the economy with a leader being able to collaborate with others, which for say could help get resources like oil, backing in war if needed, and other important assets to a strong economy. Proper collaborations lead to great thing like peace and for instance, different products are made via collaboration efforts to make them.

Commitment is a very good quality for a leader as they need to be focused and stay on task. This will keep them engaged with their work and keep proper control of what their governing. I find that it would help a leader to be committed so the don’t mess up any new laws or bill being produced. Commitment in politics is essential for a leader to have to ensure the country’s ability to strive because of an active leader to allow for good governing.

The fact that a leader can be trusted and to have accountability, in my opinion is very important. I think that being able to trust what my government is doing to help and keep track of my area is essential. People want to know if they can depend their government to be able to make the proper decisions when they are important decisions.

I feel empathy is important for a leader to have, that they feel sympathy for members of the government and for the citizens if a tragic event happens. Like for an instance when Justin Trudeau responded empathetically to the Capital Gazette shooting, even though people are not to fond of Trudeau, including me. I still gave him respect for it, I feel even though they maybe minor events that it is good for a leader to pay attention to them. It really shows that he is paying attention to the citizens of his country, city, or town. Not only that but it shows he is paying attention to whats happening around him.

I also feel that a leader should be able to make a good and proper decision when put under pressure. Good and/or bad decisions can affect many groups in various different ways. Even though the majority of the choices may be single-handedly chosen by said leader it usually ends up better if they consult with members of their government first. In the long run they are the ones being affected by their decision.

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