Racing flamingo Project-Cts

First I found the image that I wanted to use, I chose the selected flamingo because its the one I own.

The image i use for the flamingo is this one

 then I grabbed a spoiler, racing seat, and wheel

These are the ones I used

seat image link

this is the closest image I could find to the original wheel

link for the spoiler

I then chose an exhaust and a backfire but I cant find the image I used

To make the wing look like its behind the flamingo’s neck I put it in the place I wanted and erased the end where its cut off.

Then I added the Seat and exhaust pipe I did the same thing for the exhaust to make it fit as I did to the Wing. The since Everything is Colour 16’d I continued that theme for everything and the seat.

The I added a steering wheel and the backfire from the exhaust last I did that by first choosing the colour 16 option on the wheel and fire.  Then I erased part of the wheel and moved it into the proper spot, as well as the fire.

Then since the seats were a little glitched an left weird white spots I then used the live trace paint bucket to fill them in.

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