The burden of the riddles of existence.

Existence is defined as the fact or state of living or having objective reality. If you have thought about the riddles of existence before have you found out the Truth or what is real? Reality is a weird thing to think about and discuss, as a matter of fact, there are a few riddles of existence I’ve been canvassing. Like if a tree falls in a forest when nobody around does it make a sound well you’ve probably heard this before but have you truly thought about it.I’ve also been thinking about existence and life with the riddles can you doubt your existence and can computers think.

Have you thought about when a tree falls in a forest does it really make a sound if nobody’s around? I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think I have an answer but as you know my answer does not have to match anyone else’s. Different people have different opinions this is just my thinking. If you think about it its kinda clear a tree would make a sound even if nobody’s around but how could you prove that if you can’t hear it if I try to explain we would get caught in an endless loop. Maybe we could try to put out a recording machine and leaving but that would take a long time to prove and still would be a way of something to hear. Too bad humans don’t have the ability to communicate with animals because there is a guarantee that an animal would have heard a tree fall. How do we know that we can’t communicate with animals what if someone on the planet could and is protecting them or something wow wait a minute I’m getting off-topic, back to the trees?  Without a way to hear does it still make sound, according to George Berkeley “yes, it did make a sound, because God heard it.”This is a great opinion that I also thought about but my opinion is if you aren’t there to hear it it would make a sound wave but the sound itself was not heard concluding that it did not make an actual noise. If we go back to the animals hearing it, then maybe it truly did make a sound. This is an impossible riddle to solve and the truth is that without proof then we could never truly know if that tree made a sound or not when it fell.


The thought of our technology overruling us or gaining self-awareness is a terrible nightmare for numerous people. The truth is that the technology that we have created is not advanced enough to gain self-awareness because we have programmed it to do exactly what we want it to do. Some intelligent designer although have been testing computer intelligence for board games like chess. The designer has the two computer battle out and learns from mistakes they made in the past. They also have the computers battle advanced chess players to help them gain the skills of chess.  Would this be considered thinking or just advanced coding? Well according to the dictionary “think, is  to form or have in the mind, to have as an intention, to have as an opinion.” Of course, a computer doesn’t have a  mind because it is an inanimate object but it would have an intention to win at chess. Computers do not have an opinion so that rules out the question can computers think. My final answer is that the computer is at the inception of thinking. Possibly in the future, they will gain self-awareness and take over the world but I hope not.

 Descartes once said “I think therefore I am” this statement ties into our next riddle. Have you ever wondered if you can doubt your existence? Well according to Descartes it is impossible to doubt you exist but I’m going to think about it and see what I come up with well first off I’ve never doubted that I exist myself. I know for a fact that my brother doubted that anyone else existed and wondered if he was the only one who was real. How do we know we exist what if we were all just coded into a world of some alien’s imagination. Have you ever wondered if your whole life was a coma and you have a totally different life outside this life? That would be terrible you would start to go a little crazy if you think about that too long? One day I found A Video that told you to wake up your in a coma it kinda freaked me out and ever since I’ve wondered if that was a joke or not. One night my brother and I tried to convince Colton he was in a coma by chanting Wake Up but sadly that didn’t freak him out. If I put the idea in your head that you could be in a coma I apologize but I had to get my point across. As you can see you can doubt many things including other people, if anything is real, you can even doubt that you are not in the real world and by the way the new virtual realities aren’t helping you know if things are real at all. So I think you can doubt many things but your existence is not one of them.

The more I thought about the riddles the more I got confused I’ve answered the riddles to the full of all my thoughts but still am doubting if I’m right or not. The riddles of existence are difficult to think about and even more difficult to answer and so ill leave you with the truth of the universe …….. I have no clue. So now that I’ve answered theses riddle it’s time to find the Truth for myself and God is the Truth so find the Truth in your existence.





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