My Inkscape T-shirt

On Inkscape we found an image of a silhouette and then found an image of a back round we liked.

After that you take the silhouette and make it into an outline thats pink in the fill and stroke.then i duplicated it .

Then i took one of the duplicated dear and placed it on my background.

Then you select both the background and pink silhouette and press object, clip, and then set.


That makes the background go inside the outlined deer.Then i placed the other outline on top of the other peace i made.then your done the computer step.

You need to print the sticker and let it dry for a day.After you use a wedding tool to take the white off of the sticker leaving only the coloured part. You then put a clear layer on top and push all the bubbles off of the peel off this part and stick it on the wax piece from before.


Then you place the t-shirt on the t-shirt press shown below and make sure the wrinkles are out.

Place the sticker on and a piece of wax paper on top and press the machine down.when you lift peel the clear piece away put the wax paper back on and press again.

Carefully pull the t-shirt off of the press and place to dry.


Gimp layer mask

I started my gimp project with two images one of a cat and one of a boat on a lake and this is how i put the two images together. To make the layer mask I right clicked on the image I wanted the layer mask on in this case it was the cat then i added it to the image. I used the layer mask to add the cat sitting in the boat. Originally the cat was sitting on the grass so I needed to erase the grass but unfortunately I could not do this while it was so far away. Then I use the magnify-glass in the top left corner to zoom in and out. This helped me to erase the green close to the cat without erasing the cat itself. I used a paint brush to erase the green. After I was done all that I successfully created a cat in a boat.