Songs that never get tiresome

The first song that I haven’t got sick of hearing is

No One Compares To You

 by Jack & Jack

No one compares to you is a song about losing someone that nobody could replace because no one compares to them. In this song, I don’t get tired of it because of the good beat but it also has very good comparisons my favorite is “Thoughts of you and me keep passing by Like ships in the night, we never collide”. He compares ships to his thoughts that will never meet. It’s about a woman that he can’t stop thinking about 
The second is
The Judge
The judge is a song with a lot of pain it’s confusing and catchy. “When the leader of the bad guys sang Something soft and soaked in pain I heard the echo from his secret hideaway He must’ve forgot to close his door As he cranked out those dismal chords And his four walls declared him insane”This is my favorite lines from the song. “You’re the judge, oh no Set me free” this part is repeated and sticks in your head. In the song, he sings about if this song is “Is a surrender or a revel I don’t know if this one is about me or the devil” and back to the repeating your the judge, oh no set me free part.I think that he is asking for forgiveness from god.
and the third is
Sunday Best
by Surfaces
This song feels happy, and like the other three, it is super catchy. Like the song says “Feeling good, like I should”.While it relates to “Feeling blessed, never stressed” which is what the song makes me feel. It makes me feel like everything is OK. Sunday best is referring to one’s finest clothing. They dress up and go to mass. This also explains why he’s “Feeling blessed, never stressed”.How could you ever feel stressed in the presence of God?

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