Where Did Originality Go?(On Flooding Drowning The Culture In Sameness)

One of the long reads I studied was called  On Flooding: Drowning the Culture in Sameness by Soraya Roberts, this one, in particular, caught my interest.i think it mostly stuck out to me because I try to be an original so having a society of everything being the same sound s like a grim way to live. she wrote about how our world needs to recognize differences and how people are recognized too late for something great. Every newspaper is about the same already popular things instead of trying to discover new popular things. Soraya Roberts also talks about how mono-culture is dying and being reborn. What makes this a good read is it makes you understand how our society influences what we should like through media.

The first thing I noticed when I read this article was how three years in a row the same five shows were nominated for an Emmy. These shows were Chicago HopeERLaw & OrderNYPD Blue, and The X-Files. Soraya Roberts says that this “represented the height and breadth of the art form for three years running.” this is all information from a Deadspin article  but it applies to her ideas. This information tells you how people don’t give new things a chance they stick to what they know and that being the same old shows. Finding new upcoming things is important in our society. When we stick to the old things we miss out on new things that could have been great. An article about how a group of black artists from the 70s and 80s are now being recognized have Soraya frustrated and I agree with her. She notes that “it’s always nice to get half a million dollars for your work, but where was the money when you were producing the work, while supporting a family and paying a mortgage, with many decades of life ahead of you? When you could run to speaking engagements instead of rolling to them?”75-year-old artist Howardena Pindell should have got the recognition he deserved back in the 70s. I’m frustrated by the number of artists that are overlooked now and back then just like Soraya.

Nowadays news is so unoriginal every article the same. This story is very informative about our culture’s sameness. The popular papers are succeeding while the others and scrambling behind trying to beat their inevitable demise. In our world every top tern list is identical. Soraya Roberts wrote about how lots of writers posted one column on Jordan Peele’s Get Out and because they wrote that when his movie “US” came out they all had to write about that too. this shows how bias our culture is and how we blindly follow anything that the media deems worthy. She says that “the times/publish 12 — and counting — stories about it. We shift around those same ideas its just what we do. Reading this article makes me realize how un-special everything in our culture is. What happened to differences? Everyone believes that having a culture of no uniqueness would be terrible but were on the track to exactly that. We have created a society of indistinguishable things. If you haven’t noticed yet after this story I have become very passionate about how we need uniqueness and originality in our culture.


Some of the paragraphs Soraya Roberts wrote were about mono-cultures dying and being reborn. She says it started when ” Michael Jackson died, 10 years ago, our ability to be united by popular culture died with him” he was the last pop star who was universally beloved. An article by  Harry Burson explains this theory of mono-cultures death with Michel Jackson. One of the recent death of mono-culture was Game Of Thrones. he cycle of mono-culture is a perfect metaphor for “in a world that runs on social media, which is that each week it is resurrected around something new, for a brief period, with all the loudest voices in attendance, before expiring again, only to collapse the next week around something else.”Soraya Roberts points out. Having a popular thing for only a week seems unnecessary to me. On Netflix, if you have ever tried looking anything up tons of choices come up that follows the basic plot of the original and are almost the same. If critics like a movie there will be many similar story’s that just shows how our culture unintentionally encourages sameness. Netflix uses algorithms to reflect the taste of critics. Having your own opinion is a necessary thing we need to not care so much about what critic and the rest of our society thinks and focus on our original tastes.

this story makes you think about how the media is a platform of sameness. Being a follower of the media will make you miss out on things you may like, finding your likes will help change our culture back to a unique civilization once again. The world has missed out on many wonderful originators from being the same. In the three years that had the same shows were nominated they probably miss out on some great shows by focusing on what was known to them. If everyone was the same the world would be a bland place. Originality gives our world color. The Giver by Lois Lowry is a good example of society when everyone is the same. That movie turns out immensely bad in the end and people fought for uniqueness.






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