A Hero’s Tale(Ready Player One)

Ready player one is an amazing book and movie. I’ve never thought about how movies and books mostly all follow the same pattern before but it’s true. A hero’s journey is a path most fictional characters take when on a journey. The stories start by telling about the ordinary world, then what called them to adventure. Most characters in the book will refuse their call in some way to make it interesting but finally the give in and cross the threshold. On the way they face tests meet allies and enemies. Theirs two ordeals one is supreme but in the end, there is a reward and a journey home. There are so many books that follow this storyline. I enjoyed Ready Player One so much that I knew this book was a good hero’s journey example.


Wade watts is the hero in ready player one. Wade is an independent person who enjoys being alone. He says ” I would abandon the real world until he found the egg”(166). He is stubborn and won’t stop till he finds the egg. The original world is dystonia earth, It has stacks of trailers. Wade was called to the adventure when James Halliday died. With his death, he sent a short video message telling all OASIS users that he had hidden an egg somewhere e in the oasis that was worth a few billion dollars. James was wades idol. This is the call to adventure its what made wade start his journey.


Wade refused the call in the book it said at first he didn’t understand why the media was making such a big deal about it. The world had other problems to deal with. When he finally watched the video he understood. He prepared by finding a hideout which way a small van in the stack of vehicles. This is also where wade goes to school they have an online school in the oasis. The school is located on Ludus wade has never teleported off of Ludus because it is pricey. Wade crossed the threshold when he gets the copper key and everyone wants him to spill where its located. Once he got the key he became a target. It’s the unknown world because he is not used to being famous.


On his journey, wade made many friends and enemies. In the OASIS wade made a group of friends they call themselves the high five. The member includes only top gunners. They are the only players that have outplayed the IOI.the members are Parzival, AechArt3mis, Dante, and Shoto. His enemies consist of IOI Sixers. Every other competitor in the oasis trying to find the egg is his enemies too. There are three ordeals wade faces. The first challenge he faces is finding the copper key the second is finding the jade key and the third is finding the crystal key. The challenges are fairly similar but that makes sense because he needed three to open the gate. 

The factors make the story every story follows these factors. I have told you about where the factor takes place in this story. Wade original worlds and acquaintances. When he was called on the adventure and problem that happened along the way. the story ends with wade getting and egg and logging out of the oasis he shares his reward with his team. The hero’s journey is present in many stories and this one is a good example.


Dream House

My house would be a good size not too small and not too big. The exterior would be amazing. While the interior would be even better. I would have some special things that only my house will have. The outside will be decorated according to my specific taste. I mean everything would be decorated to my specific taste but plants are a thing that is especially a personal taste.

The exterior of the house would be a brick looking material but white. The white bricks would be accompanied by a bright blue door. A black roof would cover the house. I would have a comfy black bench on the deck with light blue starfish pillows matching the door. In the backyard, there would be a cute circle white fireplace with a big couch and two smaller chairs for when I have company. This couch would again have cute light blue accent pillows. Along with the fire pit, I would have a beautiful garden. I might consider getting a pool but a small one. I don’t think I would need any other things in my yard except maybe a nice swing.

The interior of my house would be equipped with three bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, and living room. They all will be super modern and stylish. Let’s start with the bedrooms they all will be styled with the blue that the door is. One will be blue walls with white flower blossoms and a white bed embroidered with small flowers. The other two will be similar but with white walls and blue blankets. The bathrooms will all be very modern. The large kitchen will have marble countertops. All of my kitchen appliances will be aqua. The fridge will be a smart one. Matching the kitchen the living room would be cozy.

 The special thing that I would include in my house would be a big game room. It would have a pool table, classic arcade machines, A huge TV and console to go with. The TV will have to surround sound speakers for a great experience. Speaking of experiences a VR would be good. A surplus of cool lights is something I love to decorate with. I’m gonna have a cat so ill put a cat Transit System which is a lot of tubes running around the house for cats to crawl through. I will have comfy hammocks around the house. I will have a vintage library in my house it will be small and relaxing. A mini home theater would be fun with a popcorn maker and a fridge full of pop. A walk-in closet is a dream for anyone packed with all the clothing I could ever want. A little dog/Cat house under the stairs would be a great place for my animals to hang out.

My dream house will be the coolest place to hang out ever. From the charming outside to the comfy inside this place will be the greatest place ill ever see. Having so many special rooms in my home will be exciting. I’ll never be bored in my abode. My dream house will stand out from other houses.

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My Dream Wheels

Introducing the Audi E-Tron. This electric SUV is environmentally friendly, and one of the safest cars around. Recently it won the 2019 Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). This is the first battery car to do so. I’m not a car person and know nothing about engines but an environmentally safe one sounds good to me. Since I was little I’ve wanted a certain color of the car and my dream car would have to be that color. I want a modern but high tech-looking car and I think I’ve found one. Some minor touches to the interior and it will be perfect.

The e-Tron has a 95.3-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. this battery powers two electric motors, one on the front and one on the back. Provide electronic all-wheel drive, yet the rear does the most work. In normal driving, they have 355 horsepower. However, in Sport mode, it unlocks 402 ponies for a short amount of time. It can tow up to 4000 pounds. Going electric sound like a good idea because it cost way less and helps the environment. One change costs around $ 9.54 and will give you a 199 miles range, at a cost of around 4.8 c a mile but for my dream car, I would change it to a hybrid so I have choices. Also, I would have to have it self driving so I could sleep and chill. But I’m too scared not to be able to drive so I would be able to drive it manually too.

The exterior of my car would be very modern and dynamic. It would be sleek and aerodynamic. I want people’s heads to turn when I drive by and leave a striking impression. It would include Digital Matrix headlights, virtual exterior side mirrors that are cameras. Where the trunk is I would have an auto opener so you can open it even when my hands are full. I want windows that will clean themselves automatically by deflecting liquids. The color will be may favorite color.witch is of course blue but not any blue its a special shade of blue. Cyan is the color its a very particular blue but I love it so the car is required to be that color.

The interior would be from the future aerodynamic, sleek and stylish but also modern. It would have black seats with built-in heating cooling and massaging. The roof would be a screen that could display any aesthetically pleasing things like waves, flowers, stars, or the aurora borealis or whatever I was feeling that day. Along with the roof, the steering wheel would match the roof. Whats a high tech vehicle without a GPS mine would be smooth and curve down the middle of the front it will be glass. With drink holders and a rectangle box to store money and other small things below. The small storage would have a lid that closes and opens with a tap of a button on the GPS screen. At the bottom of the drink holder would be modern air fresheners to keep the best car ever fresh. speakers that are surround sound. I would have amazon Alexa built-in or some other assistant to help me and wifi would be impressive inside and password protected of course.

 I know I went into extreme detail on what my dream car would be but everything I mention is part of my dream car. I love our would and would hate for anything to happen to it. Helping reduce the problems is something i want to do. Environmentally friendly car help is so many ways in this cause. I want to go fast and it to be smooth with my favorite color making it easy to spot in a parking lot. The high tech inside is the best part always having stars above you would be amazing. When I started thinking about my dream car I dint have a lot of ideas but once I started writing I realize I was overflowing with dreams.




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Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: looking on the bright side

Looking on the bright side of things may be hard but it can help in so many different ways. Studies say that when you look on the bright side it increases your chance of surviving health threats. Being optimistic can make you feel happier and more confident about achieving your goals. Having been in a low spot looking on the bright side can help.
There are tons of health benefits to looking on the bright side. One is an increased lifespan. Just think that if you see the bright side of things you could live longer. That’s one small thing that could increase your life expectancy. Some other health benefits are Lower rates of depression, lower levels of stress, better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease, Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress, and higher resistance to the cold. Optimism strengthens your immune system. Positivity helps to fight diseases. Studies show that seeing the bright side of thing lowers the risk of dying from many diseases. You have a 52 percent lower chance of dying from infections.

When looking on the bright side people tend to have a happier outlook and that is expressed through emotions. Optimists normally have a joyful mood and their confidence is soaring. They look at the glass half full instead of half empty. When you try to see everything the positive way it’s impossible not to be joyful. Being optimistic makes for a more pleasant life. Ways of taking on a positive perspective are positive self-talk.the steps to having positive self-talk are Checking in with yourself, Staying Active, Meditation, Surrounding yourself with positive people, Practice gratitude. Being aware of when you’re not being positive is an important step as well. Some examples of negative self-talk are Filtering, Personalizing, Catastrophizing, and Polarizing. Positivity forms better relationships, your friend will start feeling happy too. Happiness is contagious.

At the point when you’re at the absolute bottom in life, it’s difficult to understand that you’re not going to be there until the end of time. It’s so difficult to talk about what is causing you to feel so low, yet it’s considerably simpler to looking on the “bright side.” It might appear as though being positive won’t take care of your issues, however, in fact, it will. keeping yourself down there won’t help with anything. At a low point, it might be difficult to consider something positive when everything around you is negative. If there were no misery, no outrage, the world would be at a superior spot. As good as that maybe it takes that bitterness and outrage to fuel somebody to be a stronger individual. If everything was good all the time we would forget to appreciate them. It takes terrible things in life for us to understand the good things. looking on the bright side helps you to be happy but we must remember without hard times we would not become stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” which I feel fits well here.
Looking on the bright side of life is very beneficial to our well being. It has medical health benefits. Improves our mood and without it, we would not become stronger. We would fail to grow stronger as individuals.try to look on the bright side because you might just like the results.