Dream House

My house would be a good size not too small and not too big. The exterior would be amazing. While the interior would be even better. I would have some special things that only my house will have. The outside will be decorated according to my specific taste. I mean everything would be decorated to my specific taste but plants are a thing that is especially a personal taste.

The exterior of the house would be a brick looking material but white. The white bricks would be accompanied by a bright blue door. A black roof would cover the house. I would have a comfy black bench on the deck with light blue starfish pillows matching the door. In the backyard, there would be a cute circle white fireplace with a big couch and two smaller chairs for when I have company. This couch would again have cute light blue accent pillows. Along with the fire pit, I would have a beautiful garden. I might consider getting a pool but a small one. I don’t think I would need any other things in my yard except maybe a nice swing.

The interior of my house would be equipped with three bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, and living room. They all will be super modern and stylish. Let’s start with the bedrooms they all will be styled with the blue that the door is. One will be blue walls with white flower blossoms and a white bed embroidered with small flowers. The other two will be similar but with white walls and blue blankets. The bathrooms will all be very modern. The large kitchen will have marble countertops. All of my kitchen appliances will be aqua. The fridge will be a smart one. Matching the kitchen the living room would be cozy.

 The special thing that I would include in my house would be a big game room. It would have a pool table, classic arcade machines, A huge TV and console to go with. The TV will have to surround sound speakers for a great experience. Speaking of experiences a VR would be good. A surplus of cool lights is something I love to decorate with. I’m gonna have a cat so ill put a cat Transit System which is a lot of tubes running around the house for cats to crawl through. I will have comfy hammocks around the house. I will have a vintage library in my house it will be small and relaxing. A mini home theater would be fun with a popcorn maker and a fridge full of pop. A walk-in closet is a dream for anyone packed with all the clothing I could ever want. A little dog/Cat house under the stairs would be a great place for my animals to hang out.

My dream house will be the coolest place to hang out ever. From the charming outside to the comfy inside this place will be the greatest place ill ever see. Having so many special rooms in my home will be exciting. I’ll never be bored in my abode. My dream house will stand out from other houses.

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