A Hero’s Tale(Ready Player One)

Ready player one is an amazing book and movie. I’ve never thought about how movies and books mostly all follow the same pattern before but it’s true. A hero’s journey is a path most fictional characters take when on a journey. The stories start by telling about the ordinary world, then what called them to adventure. Most characters in the book will refuse their call in some way to make it interesting but finally the give in and cross the threshold. On the way they face tests meet allies and enemies. Theirs two ordeals one is supreme but in the end, there is a reward and a journey home. There are so many books that follow this storyline. I enjoyed Ready Player One so much that I knew this book was a good hero’s journey example.


Wade watts is the hero in ready player one. Wade is an independent person who enjoys being alone. He says ” I would abandon the real world until he found the egg”(166). He is stubborn and won’t stop till he finds the egg. The original world is dystonia earth, It has stacks of trailers. Wade was called to the adventure when James Halliday died. With his death, he sent a short video message telling all OASIS users that he had hidden an egg somewhere e in the oasis that was worth a few billion dollars. James was wades idol. This is the call to adventure its what made wade start his journey.


Wade refused the call in the book it said at first he didn’t understand why the media was making such a big deal about it. The world had other problems to deal with. When he finally watched the video he understood. He prepared by finding a hideout which way a small van in the stack of vehicles. This is also where wade goes to school they have an online school in the oasis. The school is located on Ludus wade has never teleported off of Ludus because it is pricey. Wade crossed the threshold when he gets the copper key and everyone wants him to spill where its located. Once he got the key he became a target. It’s the unknown world because he is not used to being famous.


On his journey, wade made many friends and enemies. In the OASIS wade made a group of friends they call themselves the high five. The member includes only top gunners. They are the only players that have outplayed the IOI.the members are Parzival, AechArt3mis, Dante, and Shoto. His enemies consist of IOI Sixers. Every other competitor in the oasis trying to find the egg is his enemies too. There are three ordeals wade faces. The first challenge he faces is finding the copper key the second is finding the jade key and the third is finding the crystal key. The challenges are fairly similar but that makes sense because he needed three to open the gate. 

The factors make the story every story follows these factors. I have told you about where the factor takes place in this story. Wade original worlds and acquaintances. When he was called on the adventure and problem that happened along the way. the story ends with wade getting and egg and logging out of the oasis he shares his reward with his team. The hero’s journey is present in many stories and this one is a good example.


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