The Dust Devil

Dear, whoever is watching this I have been on this ship for 940 hours two more hours till I reach my destination. Mars the red planet was named after the god of war Mars who according to Roman myth, rode on a chariot pulled by two horses Phobos and Deimos. Their names mean fear and panic and their also the names of mars moons. Oh sorry, I got so wrapped up in this informational video I was watching on the journey my brain sometimes has a hard time switching to alternate tasks. My name is Phoenix I was named after the bird from harry potter my parent were kinda potter heads. Anyway, it can get kinda lonely on this ship good thing I have my companion rover he’s an all in one super dog he’s equipped with emergency food and liquid, he has antifreeze agents and is heat resistant, as well as being waterproof and having emotions. He’s also whats recording me right now cool right. Well, it was nice talking to you and I’m required to do this every day so you’re gonna hear a lot from me. Ta ta, for now 

Phoenix shuts the video off and starts to prepare to land on Mars. They arrive the next night. As she closes in on the planet and shifts to the already prepared base made by astronauts before her. she was told that the base would be almost completely ready for her except the garden and possibly a few minor fine- tunes. Phoenix braces herself for landing they reach the ground. she takes her first step out onto the dusty iron sufficient ground. she begins to plod towards the base noticing her surroundings including the pinkish-orange sky. She knows that this is normal for mars she knows that the irony dirt on the ground gets blown up into the atmosphere creating the illusion of a pink sky. Looking back she sees rover her trusted companion they have spent almost forty days together and they still have a few hundred to go. Earlier when phoenix first met rover he barked sat and rolled over on her combined. She knew then that rover and her would-be friend.

She reaches the base and decides to go to sleep for the remainder of their day mostly because she couldn’t sleep on the way here just in case something happened she had certain times to sleep but she had skipped the last one which she now thinks was a bad idea. she goes in the surprisingly homely base. When you first go inside there is a double door and rooms one that sucks out the gasses and replaces it with oxygen than in the second room you take off your suit and finally, you can go into the globe. The base is a clear half globe with the double doors. Inside it has many trees and plants. The place phoenix is living in is a fairly large building that resembles an egg. it’s a nice dark blue shade with few windows. she arrives at the door which opens and closes with the push of a button. As she enters she notices a small kitchen with anything she could ever want and later supply packages will come to replenish the rations. the second floor has a small bedroom and living room. the bathroom of her abode is on the ground floor with the kitchen. she decides to do a short recording before going to sleep. So I’ve just arrived on mars I’m in my home and tired tomorrow I’m going to go check on the garden she pauses for a moment but the only thing that is herd in snoring. Phoenix had crashed on the bed for the day.


The next day she awoke to rovers bark alarm. today was the day she needed to tend to the garden and make sure it was going fine. she heads downstairs grabs something to eat and heads towards the exit of the dome. In the garden, there is not much to do so while she tends to it she decides to record a video for today. The rover recorder turns on and the video starts. hey, today is my first day on mars I am outside of the dome and tending to the garden with Rover.i noticed that the sky is extra pink right now that could mean a storm is coming or that the winds are picking up. The vegetables and fruit are doing very well and I should have fresh consumables for a long time if I keep the good gardening up. crash a load sound from behind phoenix happens she jumps to see the door of the greenhouse flinging about. oh no, I better get back to the base she grabs her basket of food and runs back to base. when she got back inside she realized Rover was still out there it was too late to get him the winds had picked up too much. she was still holding the camera that pops out of rover to record her it was still recording she continues and says so a sudden storm has just taken and rover my dog is stuck in it I’m so worried tomorrow the storm should be calming down and ill have an opportunity to go find him. I think His tracker is still online more tomorrow after rover is found and I will find him. Phoenix tried to sleep that night but she was worried and lonely without her sidekick.

In the mourning, phoenix rushed outside the storm still blowing making it difficult to see but she has the tracker, a camera and some rations just in case things go felt like she had been walking for years and wasn’t getting any closer to the dot on the tracking device she considered the possibility of Rover being lost and the tracker was malfunctioning or something. when it started to move towards her at an immense speed she called his name but there was no bark in return. In the distance she sees an extreme dust devil heading strat towards her. she knew that she must find shelter. she whips her head around scouting for a rock or cave in the mountain. finally, she sees a cave 25 feet up a mountain. she rushes toward it stumbling she begins to climb her hands slipping due to the dusty planet she made it about five feet up when the devil hit the harsh dust whipping at her misjudging how hard it would be to climb she tries to go up a bit more she slips falling 20 feet down. she knew something had happened her ankle began to ache with the pain she climbed the whole 25 feet making it into the cave just in time for the worst of the dust devil to happen. Pheonix was able to pop her dislocated ankle back into place just before passing out.

When she regained conciseness it seemed that she dust devil had passed she carefully made her way down the mountain trying not to put to much pressure on her hurt leg she knew that she need to head strat home. when she reached the bottom of the mountain she took out the camera and started limping towards the base. ok, so I went looking for Rover and found a dust storm she sees a small shiny piece lying on the ground. Phoenix bends down and picks it up she knows theirs no hope of finding rover now this is his tracking piece.back to the camera she says I just found his tracker and now my only hope of finding him is if he finds me first. I went looking for him and a dust devil came for me I climbed a mountain and took shelter in a cave but a fell and now my leg is hurt I’m heading back to base to get some rest. she shuts the camera off and continues to limp back to base.she about their when she sees a shiny doglike figure near the door she tries to rush over but trips falling face-first into the ground. when she looked up there was Rover. she was happy and said to him “you found me, boy, I was so worried.” she got up and together they walked into the base. She went strat to bed because her ankle was killing her.

In the mourning, she did a recording. Rover, I found Rover or to be more specific he found me and the way home. last night I patched my ankle up and slept hopefully it will be fine. I’m going to go and fix Rover now he took some damage out there. I’m glad that he’s ok. she took Rover to the repair building and then went to the first aid building to get crunches and make sure that she was ok.she slept more and there were two days left of mandatory recording but she could continue if she wanted. In the mourning, she decided to have a big meal she was living off of portables. she made eggs toast bacon the whole sha- bang and she thought it was delicious she di a recording that day of just basic things and a recap of her journey. the final day of her recordings rolled around her and Rover was doing better than a few days ago. Today my leg isn’t hurting that bad and Rover is finally all fixed up I went to check on the garden and everything here is doing great.I’m probably not going to do a recording for a while. she finished the recording and was never heard from again. Just kidding her and rover kept everything on mars running smoothly until it was time for them to return home to earth.




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