Gimp layer mask ,Maddi the Manticore.

1.first I found three photos one of maddi one of a lion and one of a scorpions tail. My idea was to turn my friend into a manticore.

2.Then I added these images into gimp and begin the process of combining them to do so I needed to shirk two of the three images and rotate one.So I started with Maddi’s face I shrunk it to the right size and rotated it slightly.I also shrunk the tail some. To shirk it I used the symbol that looks like a line with an arrow and a rectangular box shown below and to rotate I use the one that looks like a rotating scissor head.


3.Then I added a layer mask to both Maddis face and the tail. I used the paint brush to erase the unneeded parts. Then when it was to small I used the magnify glass to zoom in. Then when I finished erasing with the paint brush I applied the layer mask. I made the brush smaller and larger when needed .


4. Then the project was finished.


Gimp layer mask of dragon in campfire.

I decided to make a baby dragon chilling in a camp fire for my project.The layer mask tutorial inspired me and I thought of this.

First I chose two pictures one of a baby dragon and the other of a campfire.



Then to make the baby dragon go in the fire I clicked the moving button on the left that looks like a plus with arrows on the end.


I moved the second picture into the fire. Then I added the layer mask

and erased the hand and unwanted parts useing the brush.


To do so I needed to zoom in so I selected the button of a magnify glass and use that to do so.


Then I checked to make sure everything was good and i’m done heres the finished project.


Rutherford scholarship

The Rutherford was named in honor of Alexander Rutherford.the purpose of it is to recognize and reward academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies.

To be eligible you need to meet the following ;be a Canadian citizen, be an Alberta citizen, complete high school,Be enrolled in a full course load in a designated post-secondary or an apprenticeship program of at least one semester in length.

Students must have a minimum combined average of at least one grade in 10, 11,and 12.

Favorite hobbies

Some of my hobbies include drawing,sports and video games.


Drawing is by far the most fun hobby of mine.Usually I listen to music while I draw.I have drawn many things in my lifetime including creatures flowers animals and most recently cartoon characters.I have been working on my personal cartoon style all summer and have finally can up with a style I like.I would show pictures but at the moment I am unable.Right at the start of quarantine I started drawing the spongebob characters.Then I went on to drawing lilo and stitch and many many other cartoon characters.Now im onto bigger and brighter thing I drew my friend and they turned out great I also drew myself.I haven’t drawn much lately but I know why I love to its a way to express your inner thoughts or ideas and come out with something wonderful that everyone can enjoy.


I’ve also loved sports for as long as I can remember.I remember playing football with my dad and volleyball that year we got a net.I started playing volleyball in grade seven and id never want to stop it is one of the funnest activities.If you know me you’d know i’m very aggressive and competitive and volleyball helps get all the aggressiveness out without hurting others but with basketball that’s a different story.Ok back to volleyball I have played since grade seven and am really sad about covid ruining it this year i’m gonna miss it and hope we can do it again next year.For a few years i’ve been the setter on our team.We have won 1 gold and one silver medal or maybe it was two i’ve lost track.Another sport I recently discovered a love of is basketball before last year i never really liked it but my friend convinced me too in and i’m so glad.Now back to the aggressiveness I mentioned if you ever watch a game you’ll see me fighting other girl and falling down alot its hard being athletic yet extremely clumsy. I love sports because they bring my Family together my dad mom and grandparent come to my games most of the time.the weird thing about my family is that im super into sports and my brothers are really really not their move of the video game type but don’t get me wrong i’m not saying i’m not into video games because i really am and that leads us to the next topic.


Any game from the ps4,  xbox, or vr’s i’m totally therefore it steam is one of the places i go to find fun game.the vr is one thing i play quite a bit some of my favorite game on the vr are rick and morty virtual reality,job simulator,skyrim,gorn,and many others moss on the ps4 vr is a great game i’ve almost complete.i know this doesn’t count as a video game but my brothers and their friend and i play dnd on dead redemption on the ps4 is a fun wild west game.detroit becoming human  i finished within the games are not my main hobby but i do play them quite often.people are usually surprised when i tell them i play video games but what do u expect when growing up with to older brothers that like video games as much as i like game especially vr takes you into a new exciting reality where anythings possible. One of the most addictive video games i have played was made by my those are my hobbies hopefully their not too surprising but if they were now you know.i like many different types of activities.