Gimp layer mask ,Maddi the Manticore.

1.first I found three photos one of maddi one of a lion and one of a scorpions tail. My idea was to turn my friend into a manticore.

2.Then I added these images into gimp and begin the process of combining them to do so I needed to shirk two of the three images and rotate one.So I started with Maddi’s face I shrunk it to the right size and rotated it slightly.I also shrunk the tail some. To shirk it I used the symbol that looks like a line with an arrow and a rectangular box shown below and to rotate I use the one that looks like a rotating scissor head.


3.Then I added a layer mask to both Maddis face and the tail. I used the paint brush to erase the unneeded parts. Then when it was to small I used the magnify glass to zoom in. Then when I finished erasing with the paint brush I applied the layer mask. I made the brush smaller and larger when needed .


4. Then the project was finished.


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