happy t-shirt Inkscape



I started with a nice picture of roses that said happy and a black rectangle silhouette.

I took the black rectangle and traced the bitmap and then used fill and stroke turned the fill box off.I made the stroke box colour magenta and then duplicated it and deleted the old image.


After that I took the rose picture and clipped it to the pink outline I now had. To do so I went to object clip set you need to drag and select both the pink outline and the picture and make sure the pink outline is on the top of the image.Then you place your other outline on top and your done the computer step.

After you have finished the computer steps I sent it to be printed and their we change to corners to be round so that the sticker wouldn’t fall off.

We printed the sticker.


Then I use a a tool to remove the unneeded part of the printed sticker

After I took the clear sticky sheet and placed it carefully on top

and used the gray tool to remove all the bubbles.

Here is us pressing the sticker to the shirt.

We left the shirt to cool for a while.

Here is my friends and me wearing our t-shirts I think mine turned out great.