So I edited my tree in my yard it has a swig and the sun in the background

I used a filter to cool the picture now it’s bluer and brighter. Here’s the finished pic

Photoshop college

so we are making a college now I have any pictures that I have fiddled with but  these are my favorite’s that i’m putting on the collage.i make four photos for a college.

The first photo was of a sunset I wanted to enhance it so here was the original photo

I use brightness and contrast to change the sunset to my liking  their is a small half coloured in circle in the bottom right corner I clicked that and then clicked

brightness and contrastand edited the two to be brightness -48 and contrast to 32

here is the finished project

the second on i took in the field near my house of a tire and thistles

this one i also use brightness and contrast

i also added a photo filter to this one to do so u click the half circle and clicked photo filter

then i set it to warming filter (LBA)


then this is my second finished photo

my third photo i took in the woods be-hide my house

for this one i wanted to exagerated the colors the things i did on this one were vibrace and hue and saturation

you go to the small circle once again and click hue and saturation

then I changed it to what I thought looked good

my fourth picture is of roses at bud miller park

for this one I did a cooling photo filter I clicked on the circle  and then photo filter


and added the cooling filter (80)


heres the finished photo


then last minute i decided to do one more this one I wanted to make very different so i made it black and white except for with a pop of color

to make it black and white i used the quick selection tool to select everything but the sweeter, hand and flower


then i when to the top of the sceen clicke image then adjustents then blackand white

finally i used the doge tool to brighten the flower a little

and this is the finial peice

here is the finished colloge