So I found a whole ton of blue items around my house to create  The Starry Night by Vincent Van-Gogh so here’s the original.

And here’s the superior remake featuring my cat in the backround


Today we were supposed to build a snowman but sadly the snow was not sticky but I wanted to stick with the theme so I found a decoration we have it’s a snowman made out of wire and tinsel or something like that I’m not too sure. I chose a Santa hat, gloves, glasses, a coat, and some shoes to decorate with. Here is my beautiful creation.


Christmas Present Collage

Today our theme was Christmas present we haven’t prepared a whole ton but we did get our tree and ornaments out of storage. Last year we had got a collar bow for our cat so I have my cat in it she was not being helpful she kept attacking everything I was taking pictures of that silly cat. Here is my collage.


Colors collage

so colors were our theme I wanted to make a rainbow I got all of those colors and a few neutral ones to go in between then I think it looks cool. Here’s the final piece.