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So you understand the roaring wave of fear that swept through the greatest city in the world just as Monday was dawning--the stream of flight rising swiftly to a torrent, lashing in a foaming tumult round the railway stations, banked up into a horrible struggle about the shipping in the Thames, and hurrying by every available channel northward and eastward. By ten o'clock the police organisation, and by midday even the railway organisations, were losing coherency, losing shape and efficiency, guttering, softening, running at last in that swift liquefaction of the social body.

Presenting a Song

 One Day by: Matisyahu

Sometimes I lay

Under the moon

And thank God I’m breathing

Then I pray

Don’t take me soon

‘Cause I am here for a reason


Sometimes in my tears I drown

But I never let it get me down

So when negativity surrounds

I know some day it’ll all turn around because…

All my life I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been praying for

For the people to say

That we don’t wanna fight no more

There will be no more wars

And our children will play

One day


It’s not about

Win or lose

‘Cause we all lose

When they feed on the souls of the innocent

Blood-drenched pavement

Keep on moving though the waters stay raging


In this maze you can lose your way (your way)

It might drive you crazy but don’t let it faze you, no way (no way)


Sometimes in my tears I drown (I drown)

But I never let it get me down (get me down)

So when negativity surrounds (surrounds)

I know some day it’ll all turn around


Because……. All my life I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been praying for

For the people to say

That we don’t wanna fight no more

There will be no more wars

And our children will play

One day


One day this all will change

Treat people the same

Stop with the violence

Down with the hate


One day we’ll all be free

And proud to be

Under the same sun

Singing songs of freedom like

One day


All my life I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been praying for

For the people to say

That we don’t wanna fight no more

There will be no more wars

And our children will play

One Day


Rona’s Voice Recording

Kathleen’s  Voice Recording


One Day is sung by Matisyahu, we picked this song because it has a powerful meaning. It symbolizes people, from Iraq or from countries with ongoing war, that are hoping for a truce and a peaceful life. On my recording my tone stayed plain and the same tone, I also think that my speed was fast and my volume is low. Reading a song is very different from singing it because it is weird reading a song when its supposed to be sung. It is also because I am used to singing it, and sometimes I can’t help myself to blend the tone with my reading. The most effective part of our reading was reading in a quiet place without interruptions, and practice reading the song before we recorded it  so that we know that Kathleen and I need to work on our mistakes, and to also try to actually read it not sing the song.



Superman’s Song : Responding to the Song

                         a.) Tarzan – Tarzan wasn’t a ladies’ man

He is shy and not confident

                               Self reliant

                               He is lacking confidence

                               He has long hair and would just talk about the jungle, and apes

                               Savage, dirty, and smelly

                               Protect, defend, and cares for women

                               Quick, athletic, and strong

                               King of the jungle, by being the savior of the jungle

                               He had no brain

                               Lord of the apes

                               He leads the jungle by doing what he has to do

                              Superman – Clark Kent is his real name

                               He is a real gentleman

                               He is strong, clean, he speaks perfect English but he keeps secrets and he                     

                               is suspicious.

                               Superman does not work and save people to make money.

                               Honest, strong, smart, and selfless

                               He was born in a different planet called Krypton

  • The character that the songwriter, Brad Roberts respects the most is Superman because Roberts described Superman more in a positive way than how he described Tarzan.

b.) Tarzan have long and frizzy hair and they both are strong. He would be tempted to quit because he can’t reveal himself truly to someone he cares about like Lois Lane or not being able to also take off his mask that is hiding the true him.

c.) Superman is trying to save the world from Solomon Grundy because he can, for justice, and it’s the right thing to do. It is also a part of his identity to save the world to save the people from threats and dangers.

d.) Superman would be tempted to join Tarzan in the jungle because he can take of his mask and he can be his true identity in the jungle with Tarzan. He has the freedom to be his own kind of humankind and does not have to wear his mask every time.

e.) Tarzan is the person that loves animals, likes nature, is comfortable of what he looks like, and he is not scared of judgement. On the other hand, Superman is scared of judgement and he symbolizes a person that has two different personalities.

f.) The character that I would rather be is Tarzan, because he has the freedom to show what he really feel and what he really wants to do. It is also because of his personality being a good leader to the jungle and the animals in the jungle despite of the differences that they have between each other. Even if he had no parents to raise him and teach him lessons and manners to be a good person he still chose to do the right thing and that is to protect the jungle and to be the leader of the jungle and all of the apes. He is also caring, and helpful towards others with a different kind and he is also selfless, he thinks about other people or animals sake first than his own self. He is also brave to fight and protect for the jungle and for the safety of its creatures.






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An Emotional Landscape (Lvov)

Journey to unending path

Where would this lead me?

Glimpse of rejection

With my low standards

Surrounded by catastrophe


Judged and misunderstood

Dark lies that questions my existence

Is it worth to take this route?

Anticipation for the finest

But too lost to even think about it


Be flexin cuz of my achievements

Behind all that is a crazy disagreement

The clime that equals my perception

I ask myself how I got here

But like the atmosphere in this place,

Peaceful and quiet yet no answers are vacant for my case

Ten Minute Spill

Fast moves, Small talks

Actions speaks louder than words

Behaviour is just an example

That make it more difficult

Limited attitude,

But let’s not forget about gratitude

Inquiry of justification

To fix the complication

Throw your pride into the northern

You’re not in the past we’re at the modern

Figures of Speech- Sunrise on the Veld

Juxtaposition- “pity and terror” are words that doesn’t usually go together. Pity and terror took hold of the boy because he didn’t allow fear to take over pity, to help the buck. 

Personification- “ the sound of the rustling, whispering ants” Doris Lessing used an adjective, that is used to describe human, to describe the ants.

Simile- “alert as an animal” the boy was being vigilant like an animal so the boy was getting compared to the animal. The comparison of one thing to another thing of a different kind.

Hyperbole- “The boy is walking like king and conquerors” The protagonist became bigger and more powerful than he really is.

Metaphor- A metaphor is a word or a phrase is applied or compared to an object or an action. “Energetic ants” the boy should not get compared to the buck but to the ants instead. The boy is the black water, black water symbolizes evil, and the ants are evil too.







Word Craft- Sunrise on the Veld

Buck- A male antlered animals like deer that are big and powerful are called buck. The twitching buck that the boy saw was in deep pain. He was making decisions if he would stop the suffering of the buck or just let it die slowly in pain. But at the end he couldn’t shoot the buck with his gun because he realized that it’s what happen and it is how things work in life. The boy is like a male deer he is also powerful. But even if the protagonist, boy, is powerful he can still die.

Reluctance- It means unwillingness or disinclination to do something. It was about the dogs, it’s their choice if they would stay with their master, the boy, or go after him and ran with him to the veld to watch the sunrise.

Veld- A veld is a place where the sun rises and where the sun sets too. It is an open and a wide place where most people can watch the sun and relax. It was where the boy wasn’t noticed by the ants. He was treated from known to the unknown.

Vigilance-  An action that occurs when a person is carefully watching for possible dangers or difficulties. The dog and probably the boy too slept with vigilance and remain vigilant all night.

Foliage- Are leaves on the tree. Dark tunnel of the foliage which actually means beginning a journey going under the trees. It is from known to the unknown. The boy was scouting on an unknown area and it is invisible to human but not to dogs.


Five Easy Pieces

His hands has that toned dark skin

Dry and rough in every way

The dried blood still attached

And callus in all edges


His fingers were twitching

Trying to hold on to the glass of water

Like a lily that was left in a dessert

Barely surviving the heat,

The trauma surrounded the person’s memory


“What happened?” I asked

He looked at me with a slight smile

And said “I’ve been waiting.”


First Line Auction

Behind that pretty face, hides a mystery  

In a world full of hatred and lies

An ugly truth awaits

All she have is herself


She dreams about the past

And wonders how long it will last

The guilt in her head

Slowly dining her hope


She chose to ran away from home

And it pains her to be away

But it’s acquired for her safety

And her clan’s security


She cries to sleep at night

knowing those threats were around her, not leaving her

Till she accepts the facts

She has to live with them

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