Address the Whole World

I found myself wondering about the world, what do I think about the whole world? Well, first of all the world is a beautiful place and it has a lot of marvelous creations, but it is slowly going down. It’s because of us, we are the reason why our world is going down, because of wars like the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Earth’s population is decreasing because of wars, and murderers. In the same way the universe is mysterious because we never know what will happen next, if we’re going to die tomorrow or if we will meet a new friend. Also this place is failing because of global warming and it is polluted because of litter, and pesticides. Our world is not a fair world because some people are happy and so rich, but most of the people are sad, homeless, getting bullied, and they can’t even eat three times in a day. Our world is slowly going down and it is changing because of our wrongdoings and treating nature and its environment very badly.  But, we should be all thankful of this world because it is the only place where human beings can live and it is a blessing from God.

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