Should cellphones be allowed in classrooms at St.Jerome?

Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom? It’s hard to believe but smart phones actually diverts our attention especially in the classroom. So I think no, cell phones shouldn’t be brought in the classroom because it affects other people in the room. There are many ways in which mobile phones could affect human beings especially in the school, it could be a distraction to other students, it could be useful and at the same time it could harm others, and the impact to our health.

Do you realize that cellphones could be a distraction to other students and to the teacher? Although some people believe that it’s okay to take your device in the classroom, but actually it’s not especially during exams. When a little fuss is made during work period the student’s focus could get diverted. Certainly it could, the buzzing, beeping, and the ringing can interrupt the whole class because of the noise its making. By the way, smartphones are not just a distraction to others but it could also be a disturbance to you. In the classroom with your phone with you all of your attention will be on your smartphone and miss the whole lesson that the professor is teaching.

Nowadays, most of the students in the school bring their cellphones in the classroom. Of course everyone agrees that we need cell phones wherever we go in times of emergency to call police, ambulance, and fire department. But St. Jerome’s  Catholic School  have phones in the classroom and in the office for emergency and to call parents of the students in the school. Despite the fact that phones can be really helpful for searching students and for taking pictures of notes. However the teacher could confiscate your device that could lead to confrontations with parents. Most often students use mobile phones to cheat in exams and to have contact with friends but your phone could get stolen in the school.

Would you believe that mobile phones increase the risk of cancer, eye vision problems, and more illness? It has been proven that staring at your device for a very long time causes your eye vision to be in danger. Your eyesight could get blurry because of technology such as cell phones. Another impact of smartphones to our health is cancer, the radiation from the technology damages our cells, which can lead to sickness such as cancer. Putting your cell phones in your chest could lead into breast cancer because of the radiation waves from your cellular phone.Back pain, inflammation and pain of our joints, and the increasing of negative effects of our stress level are other diseases that affect our health.

It has been shown that we should stop taking our phones in the classroom because of a particular reason.Cell phones could be useful but we should think of others before using our device especially in the classroom. Yes, smartphones are essential but there could still be harm done.

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