Environment and Technology

This essay discusses on the major threats to the environment, our attitudes towards animal, and the impact of technology to humans and our lives. Sometimes it is okay to have fun but it could affect your health such as technologies it is fun to play with your device but it could give you a disease.

What are the major threats to our environment?People are too lazy to clean up their garbage, so garbage are littered everywhere and they don´t  put it on right places like recyclable bottles should go to recycling. Natural disasters such as earthquake, and tsunamis are also threats to our environment. In my opinion pollution is the major threat to the environment  because of the garbage in the lake, fire and burning of the garbage. Humans are regularly harmed by pollution, they inhale a polluted air and it may cause them to get ill. Pollution kills animals and plants, and it poisons soil and waterways.

What attitudes do people have towards animal? A good attitude is really important because good attitude that you show to them will make them a better person. What you show them is what they will do to you because if you are bad and rude they will do the same thing. Some animals don’t need attitudes, they just need caring from their owner. The attitudes that we are showing to them influences them, because they learn from us. We should show animals good personality, show them that we love them, that they are important, and that they are part of your family.

What role does technology play in our lives and in nature?Technology has negative and positive impact to humans and nature, it enable us to strengthen relationships by keeping in contact with old friends, colleagues, and co-workers. People use technology for education especially for home works. It is true that technologies can make our lives easier but technology have big impact to our environment and to human. Technologies give us diseases such as cancer and eye vision problem because our cells are getting damaged because of the radiation from the device.

Back pains, sleep disorders, and increasing of the stress level are also impacts of technology to us.
Threats, attitudes, and technology influences and have a big impact to humankind and our lives. Threats to the environment and technologies are dangerous but sometimes technology is important for education and communication to relatives from far away. The attitude of a human being is also important because it makes you a good person.

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