On the Sidewalk Bleeding by: Evan Hunter


1.Who is the protagonist?
Protagonist is the leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text. Andy, 16 years old boy, went to the alley and he was wearing a purple jacket. The jacket have the word Royal across the back and his name scripted on the front of the jacket by his heart. The jacket symbolizes Andy’s identity, family, team, gang, and his group of friends. He became a tragic hero after he got stabbed.

2.  What is/are the conflicts?

Andy got stabbed while wandering in the alley, he got stabbed through his rib cage cutting a wide gap in his flesh. The Guardians stabbed Andy, an opposing gang of the Royals, because they knew that he is part of the Royals. When he got stabbed he couldn’t talk and he could hardly move. He needed physical treatment but people were stuck in their existential crisis.

3.  The conflict is developed through the use of names that apply to the boy:Andy and a Royal. Skim the story to note how the names appear in critical places. What do these names represent?

A drunk man arrived in the alley, he was holding a bottle on his hand and he was leaning against the bricks of the dark alley. He offered Andy his bottle but Andy couldn’t talk so he left Andy in the dark all by himself. The man was a bystander because he didn’t do anything to help Andy and he just left him. A couple named Angela and Freddie entered the alley and Freddie was trying to tell Angela not to go home yet. Angela was holding a newspaper to protect her hair because she is afraid of what others think about her hair and her appearance. Angela showed courage and Freddie knew what to do but he didn’t do the right thing, they were stuck in their existential crisis. They were afraid of the purple jacket, they questioned if they should help andy. Freddie was guilty of being bystander but they became murderers at the end. An old lady was carrying an umbrella with broken ribs, she was crazy and deaf. She didn’t know what was happening around her and she couldn’t hear Andy.

4. What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who find him in the alley?

The jacket told them who Andy is and his identity. They didn’t want the guardians to know because they were scared that something bad might happen to them if they help Andy. The Guardians left Andy there to die but if you help him something bad will happen.

5. What are the reasons why these people do not help Andy?

The man cared more about drinking, he had no idea what was happening to Andy. Angela and Freddie was scared of the Guardians and scared of what will happen to them. The old lady was innocent she didn’t see Andy or heard him.

6. At what point does Andy realize he is dying?

He didn’t realize he was dying right after he got stabbed, he was feeling weak, tired, wet, feverish, and chilled. He was lying on the ground and feeling dizzy, he realized that he was dying when he didn’t have any hubris.

7. What does Andy do with the last of his strength? How is this important to the theme and to the outcome of the conflict?

Andy wondered why the purple jacket seemed so important to him, He didn’t want to get recognized or known as a Royal, he want to get know as andy. He wanted to take off his jacket because the jacket because the jacket only had one and simple meaning. If he wasn’t wearing the jacket he wouldn’t get stabbed so he took of his jacket with all his strength and rollover far away from the jacket . The Guardians stabbed him because he was part of the Royals.

8. What is the climax or turning point?


9. What is the police officer’s reaction to Andy? How does this contribute to the author’s message?

He wasn’t scared that Andy was a Royal, the police officer just remained calm after he knew that Andy was a Royal.

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