Write a Short Story: The Michelle I Know


Noises from the basketball practice filled the empty school. The sunset was reflecting all over the city and the athletes felt worn out.

    The boys planned to go straight to a birthday party. Everyone was invited except Ian, the clumsiest player in the team. But Ian wouldn’t go anyway because he would rather go home than go to parties. Ian can not hide his feelings, it was written all over his face. He felt alone and felt like he doesn’t belong in the team because everyone is treating him the water boy of the team. Ian began his way home but he decide to stop at the convenience store for a beef jerky. While he was tapping his fingers on the counter, waiting to pay his grocery, he saw two guys chasing after an unease guy that is probably his age.

    Fear was written all over the guy. On the other hand, the other two guys was angry and they were wearing an all black outfit like they were gangsters and they looked mysterious, he thought. But Ian just shrugged his thoughts off of his mind.

    He started his way out of the store and all he can see was darkness and the streetlights giving brightness to the sidewalk.

    Once again he felt drained and exhausted, as he was walking down the streets and he didn’t notice that it was pass his curfew. And he knew that he would get in trouble by his overreacting mom. By the time he reached his way under the bridge. Darkness was all he can see. He heard noises that sounded like guys shouting at each other, as he went nearer he saw a shadow of a guy pointing a gun at his opponent. His eyes expanded like an owl, he was shocked and did not know what to do. He quickly ran to the edge of the bridge to hid from the dreadful event that he had just witness. He saw one of the guys turned his head on his direction. Ian felt at ease that the guy didn’t see him.

    “ You are a traitor, Alex” the armored guy said to the other guy, kneeling in front of the armored guy, with full of hatred and authority from his voice. Ian was tapping his phone to call the police when he heard a gunshot that filled the area and saw blood scattered all over the floor. The short and petite guy was panicking beside the armored guy, leader, with the gun, he looked like he didn’t know what to do and Ian saw sympathy but something is stopping him, the short guy, to help him. “ Let’s get out of here” the armored guy said to the short guy and they started running away until Ian can’t see their shadow anymore. Ian was left there in the middle of the night zoned out of his mind, didn’t know what to do with the guy losing a lot of breath and fighting for his life. Ian went near him and saw the guy losing his breath one by one and tears escaping his eyes that are slowly closing. “Be strong and don’t give up and fight for your life for your family” Ian said but he wanted to tell the guy losing his life to not give up so he can do revenge against the guys that shot him but his conversation with his mother haunt him and remembered what she said about revenge “ Don’t waste your time on revenge, those that hurt you will eventually taste their own dose of medicine”. As he remember the conversation Ian had with his mother he heard sirens of police cars and ambulance coming from the road on top of the bridge. 

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