Hanna Written Response

     The movie called Hanna directed by Joe Wright is a journey of a teenage girl about finding her real identity, and throughout her journey, she encountered Marissa Wiegler which brought danger. But, despite the dangers, she also encountered deus ex machina that was able to help the protagonist throughout her adventures like Sophie and her family. Deus ex machina is a person or a thing that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty. Marissa is referred to a witch, or the big bad wolf in the children’s fairy tales like Baba Yaga, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel. The witch, Marissa Wiegler, will go after Hanna and Erik Heller, Hannah’s father, on Hanna’s journey.

     Little Red Riding Hood is about a little girl that encountered a wolf on her way to the forest to visit her grandmother, and because of gluttony the wolf ate the grandmother and also plans to eat the little girl but luckily a woodsman came to help them and killed the wolf. Hanna was part of a program to make babies stronger and to reduce fear and pity in their system. She represents Little Red Riding Hood because they were both brave when they both faced the witch and the wolf, and also they were both on a journey but for different purposes. Also, the deus ex machina in the story is the woodsman, in the movie Erik, and Claude served as the deus ex machina for Hanna. Marissa Wiegler symbolizes the wolf because they were both selfish, and consist of the 7 deadly sins including envy, pity, and greed. Marissa’s favorite color is green which symbolizes envy, she feels envious towards the grandmother and also Hanna.

     Furthermore, the cruel experience that Hansel and Gretel went through from their stepmother and the witch in the forest is also the same as Hanna’s wisdom. The stepmother was similar to Marissa because of her determination to get rid of Hansel and Gretel. Marissa is also the same because she disposed 19 children, killing them. Hanna had been put on a frequent camera obscura, dark chamber, like when she hid in the camper van of Sophie’s family. When Hansel and Gretel got locked in a dark room by their evil stepmother, the stepmother felt wrath towards them because they outsmarted her by dropping pebbles on their tracks to lead the innocent children back home. Another essential point is the fairy tale story called Baba Yaga, this story is related to the story of Hansel and Gretel because the children in both stories are sent to the forest by their stepmothers, and both encountered a witch. It is comparable to the movie Hanna because of the similarity of numerous scenes, concepts, and ideas. In the story, Baba Yaga the children encountered a cat which served as the salvation of the children from the hideous witch by giving them towel and comb that brings out special purposes. When one of them threw the towel, a river appeared out of nowhere when Hanna heard music for the first time by women doing laundry on the coast of a river there was a towel laying down in the middle of the river.

     In addition, a lot of people faces problems and wants to escape from people that is bothering them. Sophie escaped through water from her brother Miles in the pool, and also Hanna when she heard music for the first time she escaped through water from the dessert. Like the biblical story of Moses and Noah they also escaped through water by splitting the water into half, and by sailing in the ocean. Moses was a good Samaritan because he saved the people of Israelite from the Egyptians when he split the water and all of the Israelite crossed the water, and Noah used an ark to save his people from a flood. Despite the fact that Hanna was part of a program that reduces a human being’s capacity to show fear and pity and yet, she still showed fear. Both Moses and Noah also showed fear just like Hanna. What do you believe in? The only difference between the three of them is that Hanna believes in nothing, but Moses, and Noah believed in the word of God.

     Like all of the fairy tales, the protagonist goes through a journey, and through an abyss. Hanna went on an adventure about her true identity, and also an abyss like most of the children stories, Baba Yaga, Hansel and Gretel, Moses, Noah, And Little Red Riding Hood. Every character in the stories, and in the movie, Hanna showed fear and pity which makes everyone a human being and also the freedom to express their emotions as humans.


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