I’ve Got Gloria – Responding to the Story

a.) The argument between father and Scott is because of Scott, he did not take responsibility of his actions, he did not admit his mistakes, and also his thoughts about his father being cruel towards him. When he flunked his math test Scott just shrugged it off and move on, he did not try to increase his grade but instead he thought that Mrs. Whitman, the math teacher, hated him so she flunked Scott on purpose. Also, Scott did not admit to his parents that he is wrong and did not take his responsibilities because he didn’t study for the math test.

b.) On the first day of Scott’s summer school with Mrs. Whitman, he will have courage to clean up his act. There will also be signs that shows that Mrs. Whitman already forgives Scott for example when Mrs. Whitman called Scott’s mom and told her that she expects Scott at the summer school it was already a sign that Mrs. Whitman forgave Scott. Scott will also show signs of him taking responsibility like bringing his notes, and his tests that he failed. Scott will probably have apologetic emotions and will probably apologize to Mrs. Whitman.

c.) Last year in the Philippines, I went to a fair late at night. Fairs in the Philippines are dangerous especially during the night because there has been an incident that involved people with empty liquor bottles hitting other people. There was also another incident where a man died in the fair. I went to the fair late at night with my friends without telling my dad. So they were looking all over for me and when I got home he shouted at me ,for not telling him my whereabouts, in front of our relatives. Then, In the morning the embarrassing moment was resolved when I admitted my mistake and said my sorry to my dad.

d.)In the beginning of the story we see Mrs. Whitman as a ruthless and have favoritism kind of a teacher in Scott’s eyes. When Scott failed his math test, he build up anger towards his teacher without him knowing that it was actually his fault. But at the end of the short story Scott realized that his accusations about Mrs. Whitman was not true, he realized his mistakes and he apologized to Mrs. Whitman and also became accountable.

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