John Goddard – Responding to the Profile

a.) John Goddard mentioned his partner in the story, Jack Yowell, that died during their adventure together in Congo. One of the reasons that motivated him to spend his life trying to do everything on his list is to fulfill his promise to his partner that he will finish the exploration they both started and also his promise to himself that he will accomplish everything on his list.

b.) At the age of sixty four I probably won’t be as adventurous as John Goddard, and I would not have accomplished so many things in his list like he have. I would be on my rite of passage, retiring from my job.

c.) Before I’m forty I would like to accomplish:

  • Have a degree in university
  • Go to a European Cruise
  • Travel different countries like France, Korea, and Hawaii with family or friends
  • Learn how to fly a helicopter
  • Have a stable and high paying job
  • Work out and eat healthy
  • Learn a European language
  • Have my own house from my earnings
  • Learn how to do surfing
  • Buy a brand new car

Realistically, I’m going to do my best to achieve a degree in a university for my parents sacrifices for me, I will pay them back with a good education and later on money from working. Most of my goals cannot be achieved without being financially secured, if I have a good education then I will have a high paying job to fulfill my life goals.

d.)  I would rather stay in one place with friends and family instead of spending my time alone in a far off adventure because I’d rather spend happy memories with my loved ones instead of spending it alone. Also, it is better to remember memories with people with happiness.

e.) John Goddard’s exploration in Congo with his partner was the hardest adventure he probably had. It was hard for him to move on and continue their journey because he was still mourning for the death of his partner, Jack.  

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