By the Glacier Mountain of Antarctica

Three days have passed since my neighbor, Nilo, and I began our trip through Antarctica.

I felt the cold breeze of wind on my face and through my hair when Nilo was coming out of the store to get us coffee to start us on our hike.

“ Have you heard of the sunken yacht here in Antarctica?” – Nilo

Showing me a little brochure, that she probably got from the tiny store.

“No, Is it far from here? Maybe we could go visit it tomorrow after our hike up to that mountain over there” – Me

I pointed at the gigantic and snowy glacier mountain in front of us, Beardmore Glacier.

“I’m not really feeling like hiking up the glaciers today and also I heard from that gossipy cashier from the store that the weather is going to be colder for the next few weeks to come, starting tomorrow.”

“ Alright! I guess…” – Me

“So it says here that its 26 kilometers away and we have to walk about 2.2 kilometers to the sunken ship.” – Nilo

We called a taxi and waited inside the store. It took about 10 minutes for the taxi to pick us up. While we were inside the car we were quiet and suddenly a strong wind outside captivated my attention. As the strong wind is picking up, a snowstorm started occurring.

As we were going up a small hill to the ship we were throwing snowballs at each other and would giggle every time it hits her or my face.

“Wow!!! That is an enormous lake. And the water is so clear as ice like a thousand diamonds shining.” – Nilo


The water is so tempting. It’s so clear that we can already see a little bit of the ship underwater. I was busy taking pictures when I heard the water splashed. I looked back and saw Nilo in the freezing cold water.

“I’m good,” she said

So I continued what I was doing and after three minutes I couldn’t hear anyone swimming anymore so I looked back at the water where Nilo was and didn’t see her.

“NILO!!! Where are you??”

I kept screaming her name to find out if she was okay but there was no response.

I looked a little bit further ahead and saw a floating body so I ran fast as I can, but the body was moving towards the center and the deepest part of the lake. She is unconscious and not moving. Is she dead or is she alive?

When I reached where she was I quickly jumped with no hesitation and quickly swim to her. When I got to her, I quickly held her, and it felt like I was holding a frozen fish.  I pulled her and swam her back to the surface.

I ran back to where we left our backpacks and took all the clothes and blankets I could find and ran back where Nilo was and quickly put her clothes on and wrapped the blanket around her. I checked her pulse and her breathing but I didn’t feel anything so I decided to do CPR with her. It took me 3 tries to get her to gain her consciousness back. I quickly hugged her out of happiness that she is alive. But the thought of her almost dying today still bothers me.

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