Creative Written Response to Julius Caesar

The movie Julius Caesar is a story about the real life of Gaius Julius Caesar that was betrayed by his friends in the Senate that he thought were true friends. Julius Caesar has a trustworthy friend and companion, Marc Antony which he chooses to win the race during the ides of February. Cassius planned the killing of Caesar with all of the other senators Cinna, Casca, Decius, Trebonius, Metellus, Legarius, and Brutus.

This movie was mostly about different kinds of leaders than heroes. Julius Caesar was a narcissist kind of leader he thinks about himself more than he thinks of the republic. Marc Antony wins the race during the ides of February and wins a crown. Marc Anthony offered the crown to Caesar thrice but refused it all the time because the crown was not enough for him because his ambition was to become a God.

On the other hand, Marc Antony was a different leader compare to Julius Caesar. He is the kind of leader that Brutus or Cassius would not want to play poker with because he is a good liar. He is the type of ruler that does not admit that he is guilty and pretend that he did not do anything wrong. Also, a person or a leader that does not keep his promises like his promise to Brutus not to blame any of them in his speech during Brutus’ funeral but he did, he showed the citizens of the republic where the senators stabbed Caesar.

Brutus thought of Caesar’s murder as a sacrifice not being a butcher’s action. Politicians are bad liars except for Marc Anthony because their lips twitch or move when the lie in public.Brutus is one of those politicians that can be easily read when they are lying. Bad leaders are those people who tell everyone that he killed his friend because he loves Rome more than he does to his friend.

There are various kinds of leaders, for example, a really smart leader, and a completely foolish leader. A dangerous leader is like Marc Antony because he can fool everyone with his talent of a good liar.

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