The Problem of Evil

     If God is good, why is his world so bad? Destruction of nature, poverty, and religious conflicts contributes to the problems that our world faces today. However, evil is identified as the most serious problem of the world. Evil is the serious objection to the existence of God. The unbeliever who are choosing not to forgive is a resentment and rebellion against God, this is a minor form of evil. Thomas Aquinas wrote the Sum ma Theological trying to find three objections, but he only found two objections to the existence of God. The problem of evil and the apparent ability of natural science are his objections about God’s actuality. However, the dilemma of evil is a bigger threat than the problem of science.

Satan is the personification of evil, he is the devil. Just like all of us he was created with free choice, love, and he was also created by the Creator. Unfortunately, he took advantage of his human choice and turned against God. The worst condition of evil is hell, it is eternalized. We do not know if hell is either crowded or empty. Although, we can assure that God does not condemn anyone against their will in hell. But, as human beings we can lock ourselves out of Jesus, it is the power of evil in human nature. Hateful people and evil actions are present all over the world because all human beings are created along with human choices.

     Why do bad things happen to good people? The occurrence of unfortunate events is the test on our faith, either we choose to strengthen our faith or give in to the temptation of evil. Our conscience is running our own show. God created the universe with love, evil, and free will, evil is the consequence of free will. Good apologist lets the heart lead the head. Peter Kreeft is angry at God for existing and for creating the world, and also for letting bad situation happen to good people. Building anger against God is portraying rejection to His existence. A priest once said that, we are third, God and your neighbors before yourself. Suffering shows our sacrifices for the love for our neighbors and love for God.

     Peter Kreeft explored the problem of immoral behavior and discovered four parts to the solution to the controversy about wickedness. First, evil is not an entity, a being. Everything that God created are wonderful. Although, the Lord created things and evil is a thing. Evil is not a thing but a consequence for bad behavior and your free will provided by God along with evil. However, evil matter, its real but it is not an illusion. Bible is the story of the Creator where He encountered both good and unpleasant human beings. The bible displays the wrong choices, consequences and right decisions that people do who had encountered with God. Second, the origin of evil is not God but the creature’s freely choosing sin and selfishness among themselves. Adam and Eve were the origin of sin, from disobeying to murder and many more sins came after. This actions outraged God and was disappointed at his creations. Snakes are analogy of evil, it symbolizes and represent the evilness that have been created from our free will. If the Giver take away our self determination to get rid of evil, then His also taking our freedom away. The third solution to the argument of evil is to practice and not just in theory. Practice leads to morality, solemness, and finding the true wisdom of a true man. Everything that we do requires practice. Lastly, philosophical problem. If God cannot tolerate evil why can’t he just eradicate it? If we call on God to extinguish evil we are also asking Him to eliminate free choice. We cannot eradicate evil ourselves. Human beings establish sins against God and against their neighbor. God doesn’t condemn anyone in hell. Knowing what we do not know is an open pathway to our wisdom. Our faith does not tell us what is good and what we do not know, only God have the knowledge for everything.

     How can spiritual evil the cause of physical evil? Individuals are not aware of morality and immorality. Our selfishness is the number one problem in the form of evil. Physical evil is when we do something that physically diminishes and affects human beings physically and then our spiritual growth and development will get affected for the choice we did. Death is a form of physical evil, it is also one of the commands of God, do not murder your neighbors. After death our soul gets separated from our body. Our bodies are ensouled, they are not created to separate soul from our body. The seven gifts of holy spirit are gifts from God that helps individuals to dispute against evil. The gifts of the holy spirit includes wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.  Most of these gifts are still missing, we are still in search of some of the gifts because human beings are not perfect. We are lacking knowledge, and our courage to acknowledge what we do not know. Human beings are ignorant, and selfish. Perfect love is consist of all the gifts but in a more perfect way, it is God’s love and personal freedom. None of these gifts from God are evil they all oppose evil.

     Evil exist because of our choices, it’s our inability to put up with midst amount of suffering and temptation. The strongest solution to evil is to always choose God no matter what the circumstances are. To repent, do sorry, believe, and to work with God in eliminating evil together by the power of love.


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