The Central Logic of Christianity

     What did we do for the poor? In the evening of our life, we will be judged by love. Our love for God and to our neighbours. Let our heart love and take no revenge.

     Is there a ticket to holiness?  According to Leviticus 19:1 “be holy for I the Lord your God am holy”God is holy, Bishop Barron is also holy. Being holy is the dedication to God. If He is holy then we must be holy.  Participate in the holiness of God, love your neighbour as yourself because the otherness and holiness of God is love then we must also do love. God is love. His love is unconditional and is equally shared for all of us. We participate with His holiness by asking for his love and guidance through prayer, liturgy, and acceptance of the sacraments of the church. The prayer, liturgy, life of the saints, and arts and architectures leads to the divine love in us and the sanctuary of life, in every living thing.

     God loves us because he is love. Love is not a feeling, its an active will to will the good of the other as other and not expecting anything in return. The integrity of our love is our love for our enemies. Although we cannot will to test the integrity of love for everyone we can choose who. To love is to escape the black hole of self-regard. We suffer and go through pain for love. Just like Jesus he suffered great pain for our sins and for his love for us. Human beings subjectivize love, we all have our own opinion of love. For other people love is letting go, sacrificing each other to prevent further pain. However, to others, it is about being together even though it brings pain to each other, and slowly tearing them apart. Unconditional love, just like Jesus’ love for us, is praying for those who hate you and your enemies.

     The central logic of Christianity is the answer to the central illogical of the world. For example, when someone lost in faith and doubting God results to God being unknown. To have that divine life means we have to love the same way and not according to the calculus of self-interest is the central logic of the Christian faith. Indirect self-interest opposes to the idea of Christianity, helping others for their own advantage. God is the sunlight of the universe, the light shines equally on every single one of us. If God accepts us and loves us then we must also love and accept each other equally for Him. In my opinion, the true logic of Christian faith is between us, God, and our relationship with each other.

     Holiness and love is the main factor that strengthens our faith towards Jesus. Be truthful to Him and obey His commandments and He will guide you through life.


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