Final Reflection on Paul, Apostle of Christ

The movie, Paul, Apostle of Christ, is about the sacrifices, and the journey of Paul, Luke, and the first century Christians. Paul is imprisoned by Nero’s, the leader of Rome, soldiers in Mamertine Prison. The Mamertine Prison is being led by Mauritius, a Roman soldier who will change his heart towards Christians by the end of the film as he forms a bond with Paul. When Luke visited Rome to visit Paul, he encountered Aquilla and Priscilla who are the leaders and the developer of the community of Christians in the middle of Rome. Romans during this time blamed and hated the Christians for starting the fire in the city of Rome. Priscilla is doing everything and sacrificing herself to help the unfortunate and is seeking refuge for those affected of the fire while Aquilla wants the community to leave Rome because people will die if they stay longer. Luke visits Paul to ask for his guidance about the Christian community that Aquilla and Priscilla built together and also to write a book about Paul’s life which is now called The Acts of the Apostles in the Second Testament. Mauritius fails to understand how Paul can be a threat to the Roman Empire led by Nero and throughout the film, Mauritius will slowly have a change of heart and will establish an unexpected connection with Paul.

Luke has been paying a Roman soldier to let him in the Mamertime Prison to visit Paul and ask for his help. But, the Roman soldier kept his loyalty to the leader of Mamertine Prison, Mauritius. When Mauritius learnt about this he asked his soldiers to bring Luke to him. After meeting Luke, he was thinking about Luke’s loyalty to Paul and his connections on how Luke can keep coming back in the prison so he granted Luke permission to visit Mamertine Prison. Before meeting Luke, Mauritius was fed up by the lies and blinded of Nero, the Roman Empire’s ruler. He watched his soldiers burn Christians to be Roman candles on the streets of Rome, and watched how slavery and labour, to those who are unfortunate, occur. As Mauritius daughter’s condition is getting worse he set aside his pride and beliefs to sacrifice for his daughter and asked Paul for help if he should pray to Jesus Christ or not. But, Paul suggested that Luke, a physician, is the one who can help to cure his daughter. Luke commanded Mauritius to get the herbs and tools for medicine needed to cure Mauritius’ daughter from Priscilla and Aquilla. With Mauritius struggles, I saw the love of a father for his daughter in him. How willing he is to sacrifice everything including Nero’s wrath for his daughter. Mauritius even admitted to himself and his friend that he believes that Nero has not done something good for Rome. Mauritius changed from being heartless and selfish to be selfless for the sake of his daughter’s life. Mauritius was able to overcome his personal crossroads, praying to his God’s and asking his friends for advice. 

Mauritius somehow built a connection with Paul. He would ask for Paul in the garden to accompany him in his walking and make Paul tell him stories and about Luke. Paul easily created a bond between him and Mauritius due to the fact that Paul himself was a Roman soldier who hurt innocent people and changed throughout because God called him asking him to help everyone. Through Paul and Mauritius’ discussion with each other maybe Paul learned that Mauritius has potential, that he is capable of changing. In the end, Mauritius was hesitant but Paul knew deep inside that Mauritius is starting to believe the God of the Christians. Also, Paul and Mauritius established a friendship between each other and Mauritius said his sorry that their people died on Nero’s Circus.

In this movie, I learned that not everyone who is strong and superior is strong inside. The love of a father for his daughter, his family is way heavier and greater than being powerful because love is the way. Even though Mauritius came out as a bad Roman soldier at the beginning of the film, he changed throughout the film into a better soldier. Every human being is capable of changing and has the right to change. In addition, human beings in our society today judges so easily to others because of humiliating events and unreasonable reasons. Don’t judge others because everybody has their own problem to overcome and they are being strong despite it.


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