Final Reflection on Paul, Apostle of Christ

The movie, Paul, Apostle of Christ, is about the sacrifices, and the journey of Paul, Luke, and the first century Christians. Paul is imprisoned by Nero’s, the leader of Rome, soldiers in Mamertine Prison. The Mamertine Prison is being led by Mauritius, a Roman soldier who will change his heart towards Christians by the end of the film as he forms a bond with Paul. When Luke visited Rome to visit Paul, he encountered Aquilla and Priscilla who are the leaders and the developer of the community of Christians in the middle of Rome. Romans during this time blamed and hated the Christians for starting the fire in the city of Rome. Priscilla is doing everything and sacrificing herself to help the unfortunate and is seeking refuge for those affected of the fire while Aquilla wants the community to leave Rome because people will die if they stay longer. Luke visits Paul to ask for his guidance about the Christian community that Aquilla and Priscilla built together and also to write a book about Paul’s life which is now called The Acts of the Apostles in the Second Testament. Mauritius fails to understand how Paul can be a threat to the Roman Empire led by Nero and throughout the film, Mauritius will slowly have a change of heart and will establish an unexpected connection with Paul.

Luke has been paying a Roman soldier to let him in the Mamertime Prison to visit Paul and ask for his help. But, the Roman soldier kept his loyalty to the leader of Mamertine Prison, Mauritius. When Mauritius learnt about this he asked his soldiers to bring Luke to him. After meeting Luke, he was thinking about Luke’s loyalty to Paul and his connections on how Luke can keep coming back in the prison so he granted Luke permission to visit Mamertine Prison. Before meeting Luke, Mauritius was fed up by the lies and blinded of Nero, the Roman Empire’s ruler. He watched his soldiers burn Christians to be Roman candles on the streets of Rome, and watched how slavery and labour, to those who are unfortunate, occur. As Mauritius daughter’s condition is getting worse he set aside his pride and beliefs to sacrifice for his daughter and asked Paul for help if he should pray to Jesus Christ or not. But, Paul suggested that Luke, a physician, is the one who can help to cure his daughter. Luke commanded Mauritius to get the herbs and tools for medicine needed to cure Mauritius’ daughter from Priscilla and Aquilla. With Mauritius struggles, I saw the love of a father for his daughter in him. How willing he is to sacrifice everything including Nero’s wrath for his daughter. Mauritius even admitted to himself and his friend that he believes that Nero has not done something good for Rome. Mauritius changed from being heartless and selfish to be selfless for the sake of his daughter’s life. Mauritius was able to overcome his personal crossroads, praying to his God’s and asking his friends for advice. 

Mauritius somehow built a connection with Paul. He would ask for Paul in the garden to accompany him in his walking and make Paul tell him stories and about Luke. Paul easily created a bond between him and Mauritius due to the fact that Paul himself was a Roman soldier who hurt innocent people and changed throughout because God called him asking him to help everyone. Through Paul and Mauritius’ discussion with each other maybe Paul learned that Mauritius has potential, that he is capable of changing. In the end, Mauritius was hesitant but Paul knew deep inside that Mauritius is starting to believe the God of the Christians. Also, Paul and Mauritius established a friendship between each other and Mauritius said his sorry that their people died on Nero’s Circus.

In this movie, I learned that not everyone who is strong and superior is strong inside. The love of a father for his daughter, his family is way heavier and greater than being powerful because love is the way. Even though Mauritius came out as a bad Roman soldier at the beginning of the film, he changed throughout the film into a better soldier. Every human being is capable of changing and has the right to change. In addition, human beings in our society today judges so easily to others because of humiliating events and unreasonable reasons. Don’t judge others because everybody has their own problem to overcome and they are being strong despite it.


The Central Logic of Christianity

     What did we do for the poor? In the evening of our life, we will be judged by love. Our love for God and to our neighbours. Let our heart love and take no revenge.

     Is there a ticket to holiness?  According to Leviticus 19:1 “be holy for I the Lord your God am holy”God is holy, Bishop Barron is also holy. Being holy is the dedication to God. If He is holy then we must be holy.  Participate in the holiness of God, love your neighbour as yourself because the otherness and holiness of God is love then we must also do love. God is love. His love is unconditional and is equally shared for all of us. We participate with His holiness by asking for his love and guidance through prayer, liturgy, and acceptance of the sacraments of the church. The prayer, liturgy, life of the saints, and arts and architectures leads to the divine love in us and the sanctuary of life, in every living thing.

     God loves us because he is love. Love is not a feeling, its an active will to will the good of the other as other and not expecting anything in return. The integrity of our love is our love for our enemies. Although we cannot will to test the integrity of love for everyone we can choose who. To love is to escape the black hole of self-regard. We suffer and go through pain for love. Just like Jesus he suffered great pain for our sins and for his love for us. Human beings subjectivize love, we all have our own opinion of love. For other people love is letting go, sacrificing each other to prevent further pain. However, to others, it is about being together even though it brings pain to each other, and slowly tearing them apart. Unconditional love, just like Jesus’ love for us, is praying for those who hate you and your enemies.

     The central logic of Christianity is the answer to the central illogical of the world. For example, when someone lost in faith and doubting God results to God being unknown. To have that divine life means we have to love the same way and not according to the calculus of self-interest is the central logic of the Christian faith. Indirect self-interest opposes to the idea of Christianity, helping others for their own advantage. God is the sunlight of the universe, the light shines equally on every single one of us. If God accepts us and loves us then we must also love and accept each other equally for Him. In my opinion, the true logic of Christian faith is between us, God, and our relationship with each other.

     Holiness and love is the main factor that strengthens our faith towards Jesus. Be truthful to Him and obey His commandments and He will guide you through life.


Who is Jesus?

     Who is Jesus Christ, really? He is the man who sacrificed His death for our sins who rose again on the third day after his death. The Bible contains the words and knowledge of God. It’s His love letter for us. He is the description of a perfect, generous human being, brave, a teacher, and our salvation. Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic, or a lord. Jesus is definitely not a liar because, in everything he said, there is a proof from the bible.

     Is Jesus still one hundred percent man? In John 3:5, it states that “Jesus came to earth in human form so that He could die a physical death and take away our sins.” The Father sent his son, Jesus, for him to understand humans, their way of life, and to be their salvation when they need saving. Therefore, Jesus is just like us human beings built with heart, bones, brain, and veins to function and help our body to sustain its needs. Jesus also has courage, wisdom, knowledge, conscience, soul, and love just like most of us. When we suffer physically or emotionally He suffers too because Jesus is with us and suffering through our pain.


According to Christ, it is better to give up your weak faith in order to ask honest questions and possibly make your faith stronger. Honesty is truthfulness to everything we say and do. Honesty draws us closer to God and through our honesty, it could build our relationship with God and make it stronger. Human beings are not naturally honest. We know the truth, but we say and illustrate a different story. We lie for love, dignity, reputation, and so many things that we lie about but honesty is honesty, it’s about being real. Dishonesty is evil and a sin. Truthfulness builds trust with God and relationship with others. Honest questions and getting an honest answer in return will enlighten us with our questions. This answer may or may not strengthen our faith and our belief but we will understand the concept of Jesus clearly. If we pour our heart and courage to honestly seek for Jesus by asking honest questions, we will find Him.

     In the reading, God stated that “ Before Abraham was, I am. I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will never die. I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one can come to the Father except through me.” God is the answer to everything, He is the key to God’s family. He is the creator and in everything he created, he has an answer. If he forgives all sins then we must forgive all sins we encounter with our neighbours. He gave up most all that he has for us and he was accounted for our sins for His love for us. His love is our salvation when we suffer he suffers too. Therefore, when we’re doubting Him and his love just pray to Him and be real on your conversation with Jesus. In return for his sacrifices be honest with Him and tell Him your troubles.

     Every human being have free will, we all have the freedom to believe and to honestly seek, not to promote disbelief. Our sincerity towards Jesus forms a stronger faith, a better bond and relationship with Him. Our honesty, conscience, soul, and love is what connects us to Jesus and his identity.


The Problem of Evil

     If God is good, why is his world so bad? Destruction of nature, poverty, and religious conflicts contributes to the problems that our world faces today. However, evil is identified as the most serious problem of the world. Evil is the serious objection to the existence of God. The unbeliever who are choosing not to forgive is a resentment and rebellion against God, this is a minor form of evil. Thomas Aquinas wrote the Sum ma Theological trying to find three objections, but he only found two objections to the existence of God. The problem of evil and the apparent ability of natural science are his objections about God’s actuality. However, the dilemma of evil is a bigger threat than the problem of science.

Satan is the personification of evil, he is the devil. Just like all of us he was created with free choice, love, and he was also created by the Creator. Unfortunately, he took advantage of his human choice and turned against God. The worst condition of evil is hell, it is eternalized. We do not know if hell is either crowded or empty. Although, we can assure that God does not condemn anyone against their will in hell. But, as human beings we can lock ourselves out of Jesus, it is the power of evil in human nature. Hateful people and evil actions are present all over the world because all human beings are created along with human choices.

     Why do bad things happen to good people? The occurrence of unfortunate events is the test on our faith, either we choose to strengthen our faith or give in to the temptation of evil. Our conscience is running our own show. God created the universe with love, evil, and free will, evil is the consequence of free will. Good apologist lets the heart lead the head. Peter Kreeft is angry at God for existing and for creating the world, and also for letting bad situation happen to good people. Building anger against God is portraying rejection to His existence. A priest once said that, we are third, God and your neighbors before yourself. Suffering shows our sacrifices for the love for our neighbors and love for God.

     Peter Kreeft explored the problem of immoral behavior and discovered four parts to the solution to the controversy about wickedness. First, evil is not an entity, a being. Everything that God created are wonderful. Although, the Lord created things and evil is a thing. Evil is not a thing but a consequence for bad behavior and your free will provided by God along with evil. However, evil matter, its real but it is not an illusion. Bible is the story of the Creator where He encountered both good and unpleasant human beings. The bible displays the wrong choices, consequences and right decisions that people do who had encountered with God. Second, the origin of evil is not God but the creature’s freely choosing sin and selfishness among themselves. Adam and Eve were the origin of sin, from disobeying to murder and many more sins came after. This actions outraged God and was disappointed at his creations. Snakes are analogy of evil, it symbolizes and represent the evilness that have been created from our free will. If the Giver take away our self determination to get rid of evil, then His also taking our freedom away. The third solution to the argument of evil is to practice and not just in theory. Practice leads to morality, solemness, and finding the true wisdom of a true man. Everything that we do requires practice. Lastly, philosophical problem. If God cannot tolerate evil why can’t he just eradicate it? If we call on God to extinguish evil we are also asking Him to eliminate free choice. We cannot eradicate evil ourselves. Human beings establish sins against God and against their neighbor. God doesn’t condemn anyone in hell. Knowing what we do not know is an open pathway to our wisdom. Our faith does not tell us what is good and what we do not know, only God have the knowledge for everything.

     How can spiritual evil the cause of physical evil? Individuals are not aware of morality and immorality. Our selfishness is the number one problem in the form of evil. Physical evil is when we do something that physically diminishes and affects human beings physically and then our spiritual growth and development will get affected for the choice we did. Death is a form of physical evil, it is also one of the commands of God, do not murder your neighbors. After death our soul gets separated from our body. Our bodies are ensouled, they are not created to separate soul from our body. The seven gifts of holy spirit are gifts from God that helps individuals to dispute against evil. The gifts of the holy spirit includes wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.  Most of these gifts are still missing, we are still in search of some of the gifts because human beings are not perfect. We are lacking knowledge, and our courage to acknowledge what we do not know. Human beings are ignorant, and selfish. Perfect love is consist of all the gifts but in a more perfect way, it is God’s love and personal freedom. None of these gifts from God are evil they all oppose evil.

     Evil exist because of our choices, it’s our inability to put up with midst amount of suffering and temptation. The strongest solution to evil is to always choose God no matter what the circumstances are. To repent, do sorry, believe, and to work with God in eliminating evil together by the power of love.


The Reasons to Believe

     Does God exist? Is there a God? Atheist, Christians, Catholic, and other religions in the world are evidence that there are people who believe in the existence of God and who doesn’t. The book “The Reasons to Believe by Peter Kreeft” is an explanation about the arguments of His, God, existence. The Thomas Aquinas Principle, the argument of providential conscience, and also Pascal’s argument about betting on eternity are some of his opinions about God’s existence.

     The argument of efficient cause made by Thomas Aquinas is one of the five proofs that God exist. It is an anthropic principle, a man principle, which is the idea that everything have a cause and is designed for human beings. The argument from motion, everything moves because something or someone is moving it. The first mover, God, is the cause that all things are moving and gives it potential. Third, the argument of necessary being. God exist all the time, so it is necessary for something to exist so that God’s existence is also a necessity. Another controversy is the argument of gradation, which means that human beings convert from good to bad or bad to good. Is it possible that design happened without a designer? The last argument is the argument of design, all things have an order and all things have a creator.

     “Jesus was either a liar or a lunatic, or maybe he’s just telling the truth.”- Lewis Trilemma. God is probably telling the truth that he is the way of life. When having faith on God or completely lost connection with God rely on your conscience not your ego. You can disobey the church, your parents, or adults but not your conscience. Our conscience and soul are supreme, conscience exist to protect our soul. Can you choose to ignore your conscience? Not only our conscience is connected to our soul, it is also God’s divine will. Every human being knows what is right and what is wrong. There are two ways of confession, venial sin and mortal sin. Mortal sin is disobeying of God’s laws, while venial sin is not as serious as a mortal sin. Choosing to disobey our conscience is a bigger sin than lying or covering our lies. At the end of the day our conscience will be judged. Thomas Aquinas said that “When something or someone is sinning against your conscience object it, save your soul first”. Our conscience can be used in so many ways to prove God’s well being. Egoism, a foundation of our morality as humans, our self interest that can push through in our journey to justify our arguments. Another use of our conscience is altruism, it’s the act of being selfless our concern for other’s well being. Also, caritas its our love for Jesus. Our love for Jesus is the foundation of building a relationship with God, to draw us closer to Him.

     Blaise Pascal lived during the time of skepticism, he believes in self preservation. Pascal’s wager is the argument of human beings betting with their lives for God’s existence. The Prayer of a Skeptic is done when asking for God’s guidance and when questioning his existence. Immanuel Kant introduced the idea of categorical imperative, which means that it’s either is or its not there are no maybe. Agnosticism believes that the right thing to do is to not wager at all. However, questions and doubts are everywhere and we are lost in the unknown. Is anything truly lost? The world is surrounded by people who doubt. The majority of us getting convinced by the fact that God exist the better the world will become. Our faith binds us together and improves us to become a better person. Choosing to harden our hearts will just make us weaker and feel defeated until infinite regression takes over.

     An agnostic, an honest seeker, will always find its way to God by leaping to faith. These questions and argument about God’s existence remain unresolved until today because nobody have proven their arguments. However, God have a lot of time for us to figure out His existence and to prove to him that we have faith in Him.

Creative Written Response to Julius Caesar

The movie Julius Caesar is a story about the real life of Gaius Julius Caesar that was betrayed by his friends in the Senate that he thought were true friends. Julius Caesar has a trustworthy friend and companion, Marc Antony which he chooses to win the race during the ides of February. Cassius planned the killing of Caesar with all of the other senators Cinna, Casca, Decius, Trebonius, Metellus, Legarius, and Brutus.

This movie was mostly about different kinds of leaders than heroes. Julius Caesar was a narcissist kind of leader he thinks about himself more than he thinks of the republic. Marc Antony wins the race during the ides of February and wins a crown. Marc Anthony offered the crown to Caesar thrice but refused it all the time because the crown was not enough for him because his ambition was to become a God.

On the other hand, Marc Antony was a different leader compare to Julius Caesar. He is the kind of leader that Brutus or Cassius would not want to play poker with because he is a good liar. He is the type of ruler that does not admit that he is guilty and pretend that he did not do anything wrong. Also, a person or a leader that does not keep his promises like his promise to Brutus not to blame any of them in his speech during Brutus’ funeral but he did, he showed the citizens of the republic where the senators stabbed Caesar.

Brutus thought of Caesar’s murder as a sacrifice not being a butcher’s action. Politicians are bad liars except for Marc Anthony because their lips twitch or move when the lie in public.Brutus is one of those politicians that can be easily read when they are lying. Bad leaders are those people who tell everyone that he killed his friend because he loves Rome more than he does to his friend.

There are various kinds of leaders, for example, a really smart leader, and a completely foolish leader. A dangerous leader is like Marc Antony because he can fool everyone with his talent of a good liar.

By the Glacier Mountain of Antarctica

Three days have passed since my neighbor, Nilo, and I began our trip through Antarctica.

I felt the cold breeze of wind on my face and through my hair when Nilo was coming out of the store to get us coffee to start us on our hike.

“ Have you heard of the sunken yacht here in Antarctica?” – Nilo

Showing me a little brochure, that she probably got from the tiny store.

“No, Is it far from here? Maybe we could go visit it tomorrow after our hike up to that mountain over there” – Me

I pointed at the gigantic and snowy glacier mountain in front of us, Beardmore Glacier.

“I’m not really feeling like hiking up the glaciers today and also I heard from that gossipy cashier from the store that the weather is going to be colder for the next few weeks to come, starting tomorrow.”

“ Alright! I guess…” – Me

“So it says here that its 26 kilometers away and we have to walk about 2.2 kilometers to the sunken ship.” – Nilo

We called a taxi and waited inside the store. It took about 10 minutes for the taxi to pick us up. While we were inside the car we were quiet and suddenly a strong wind outside captivated my attention. As the strong wind is picking up, a snowstorm started occurring.

As we were going up a small hill to the ship we were throwing snowballs at each other and would giggle every time it hits her or my face.

“Wow!!! That is an enormous lake. And the water is so clear as ice like a thousand diamonds shining.” – Nilo


The water is so tempting. It’s so clear that we can already see a little bit of the ship underwater. I was busy taking pictures when I heard the water splashed. I looked back and saw Nilo in the freezing cold water.

“I’m good,” she said

So I continued what I was doing and after three minutes I couldn’t hear anyone swimming anymore so I looked back at the water where Nilo was and didn’t see her.

“NILO!!! Where are you??”

I kept screaming her name to find out if she was okay but there was no response.

I looked a little bit further ahead and saw a floating body so I ran fast as I can, but the body was moving towards the center and the deepest part of the lake. She is unconscious and not moving. Is she dead or is she alive?

When I reached where she was I quickly jumped with no hesitation and quickly swim to her. When I got to her, I quickly held her, and it felt like I was holding a frozen fish.  I pulled her and swam her back to the surface.

I ran back to where we left our backpacks and took all the clothes and blankets I could find and ran back where Nilo was and quickly put her clothes on and wrapped the blanket around her. I checked her pulse and her breathing but I didn’t feel anything so I decided to do CPR with her. It took me 3 tries to get her to gain her consciousness back. I quickly hugged her out of happiness that she is alive. But the thought of her almost dying today still bothers me.

I’ve Got Gloria – Responding to the Story

a.) The argument between father and Scott is because of Scott, he did not take responsibility of his actions, he did not admit his mistakes, and also his thoughts about his father being cruel towards him. When he flunked his math test Scott just shrugged it off and move on, he did not try to increase his grade but instead he thought that Mrs. Whitman, the math teacher, hated him so she flunked Scott on purpose. Also, Scott did not admit to his parents that he is wrong and did not take his responsibilities because he didn’t study for the math test.

b.) On the first day of Scott’s summer school with Mrs. Whitman, he will have courage to clean up his act. There will also be signs that shows that Mrs. Whitman already forgives Scott for example when Mrs. Whitman called Scott’s mom and told her that she expects Scott at the summer school it was already a sign that Mrs. Whitman forgave Scott. Scott will also show signs of him taking responsibility like bringing his notes, and his tests that he failed. Scott will probably have apologetic emotions and will probably apologize to Mrs. Whitman.

c.) Last year in the Philippines, I went to a fair late at night. Fairs in the Philippines are dangerous especially during the night because there has been an incident that involved people with empty liquor bottles hitting other people. There was also another incident where a man died in the fair. I went to the fair late at night with my friends without telling my dad. So they were looking all over for me and when I got home he shouted at me ,for not telling him my whereabouts, in front of our relatives. Then, In the morning the embarrassing moment was resolved when I admitted my mistake and said my sorry to my dad.

d.)In the beginning of the story we see Mrs. Whitman as a ruthless and have favoritism kind of a teacher in Scott’s eyes. When Scott failed his math test, he build up anger towards his teacher without him knowing that it was actually his fault. But at the end of the short story Scott realized that his accusations about Mrs. Whitman was not true, he realized his mistakes and he apologized to Mrs. Whitman and also became accountable.

John Goddard – Responding to the Profile

a.) John Goddard mentioned his partner in the story, Jack Yowell, that died during their adventure together in Congo. One of the reasons that motivated him to spend his life trying to do everything on his list is to fulfill his promise to his partner that he will finish the exploration they both started and also his promise to himself that he will accomplish everything on his list.

b.) At the age of sixty four I probably won’t be as adventurous as John Goddard, and I would not have accomplished so many things in his list like he have. I would be on my rite of passage, retiring from my job.

c.) Before I’m forty I would like to accomplish:

  • Have a degree in university
  • Go to a European Cruise
  • Travel different countries like France, Korea, and Hawaii with family or friends
  • Learn how to fly a helicopter
  • Have a stable and high paying job
  • Work out and eat healthy
  • Learn a European language
  • Have my own house from my earnings
  • Learn how to do surfing
  • Buy a brand new car

Realistically, I’m going to do my best to achieve a degree in a university for my parents sacrifices for me, I will pay them back with a good education and later on money from working. Most of my goals cannot be achieved without being financially secured, if I have a good education then I will have a high paying job to fulfill my life goals.

d.)  I would rather stay in one place with friends and family instead of spending my time alone in a far off adventure because I’d rather spend happy memories with my loved ones instead of spending it alone. Also, it is better to remember memories with people with happiness.

e.) John Goddard’s exploration in Congo with his partner was the hardest adventure he probably had. It was hard for him to move on and continue their journey because he was still mourning for the death of his partner, Jack.  

Hanna Written Response

     The movie called Hanna directed by Joe Wright is a journey of a teenage girl about finding her real identity, and throughout her journey, she encountered Marissa Wiegler which brought danger. But, despite the dangers, she also encountered deus ex machina that was able to help the protagonist throughout her adventures like Sophie and her family. Deus ex machina is a person or a thing that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty. Marissa is referred to a witch, or the big bad wolf in the children’s fairy tales like Baba Yaga, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel. The witch, Marissa Wiegler, will go after Hanna and Erik Heller, Hannah’s father, on Hanna’s journey.

     Little Red Riding Hood is about a little girl that encountered a wolf on her way to the forest to visit her grandmother, and because of gluttony the wolf ate the grandmother and also plans to eat the little girl but luckily a woodsman came to help them and killed the wolf. Hanna was part of a program to make babies stronger and to reduce fear and pity in their system. She represents Little Red Riding Hood because they were both brave when they both faced the witch and the wolf, and also they were both on a journey but for different purposes. Also, the deus ex machina in the story is the woodsman, in the movie Erik, and Claude served as the deus ex machina for Hanna. Marissa Wiegler symbolizes the wolf because they were both selfish, and consist of the 7 deadly sins including envy, pity, and greed. Marissa’s favorite color is green which symbolizes envy, she feels envious towards the grandmother and also Hanna.

     Furthermore, the cruel experience that Hansel and Gretel went through from their stepmother and the witch in the forest is also the same as Hanna’s wisdom. The stepmother was similar to Marissa because of her determination to get rid of Hansel and Gretel. Marissa is also the same because she disposed 19 children, killing them. Hanna had been put on a frequent camera obscura, dark chamber, like when she hid in the camper van of Sophie’s family. When Hansel and Gretel got locked in a dark room by their evil stepmother, the stepmother felt wrath towards them because they outsmarted her by dropping pebbles on their tracks to lead the innocent children back home. Another essential point is the fairy tale story called Baba Yaga, this story is related to the story of Hansel and Gretel because the children in both stories are sent to the forest by their stepmothers, and both encountered a witch. It is comparable to the movie Hanna because of the similarity of numerous scenes, concepts, and ideas. In the story, Baba Yaga the children encountered a cat which served as the salvation of the children from the hideous witch by giving them towel and comb that brings out special purposes. When one of them threw the towel, a river appeared out of nowhere when Hanna heard music for the first time by women doing laundry on the coast of a river there was a towel laying down in the middle of the river.

     In addition, a lot of people faces problems and wants to escape from people that is bothering them. Sophie escaped through water from her brother Miles in the pool, and also Hanna when she heard music for the first time she escaped through water from the dessert. Like the biblical story of Moses and Noah they also escaped through water by splitting the water into half, and by sailing in the ocean. Moses was a good Samaritan because he saved the people of Israelite from the Egyptians when he split the water and all of the Israelite crossed the water, and Noah used an ark to save his people from a flood. Despite the fact that Hanna was part of a program that reduces a human being’s capacity to show fear and pity and yet, she still showed fear. Both Moses and Noah also showed fear just like Hanna. What do you believe in? The only difference between the three of them is that Hanna believes in nothing, but Moses, and Noah believed in the word of God.

     Like all of the fairy tales, the protagonist goes through a journey, and through an abyss. Hanna went on an adventure about her true identity, and also an abyss like most of the children stories, Baba Yaga, Hansel and Gretel, Moses, Noah, And Little Red Riding Hood. Every character in the stories, and in the movie, Hanna showed fear and pity which makes everyone a human being and also the freedom to express their emotions as humans.