Writing about “War”


     My sister, Ruby,  and I were kids back then when our papers got approved by the immigration officers allowing us to migrate to Canada. That was 5 years ago, I was ten years old and my sister was 11. The memory is still fresh in my memory I even remembered what my grandma said before I left.

      My grandma said “ mag-ingat kayo don at mag-aral ng mabuti” ( be careful and study hard), she said it with a big smile on her face but I saw her face trying to hold back her tears.

      When the car drove far away from our house in Apayao, I lost control of my emotions my tears continuously fell off of my eyes. The hardest part of migrating to an unfamiliar place is saying goodbye to my family, friends, and to my neighbours.

     It was August 15 at midnight we arrived at Edmonton International Airport. The first thing that my dad do was hug us. The emotions I felt after arriving in my new freezing home was not excitement but instead it was mostly the feeling of heartache, longing, and fear. At first I did not like it here, and my parents and I would have conversations about us going back home to the Philippines.

Me: “Gusto ko ng umuwi” (I want to go home)

Father: “ Mahal ang ticket” ( The plane ticket is expensive)

     I won’t talk for a long time after that and I would just go to my room. I knew to myself that my dad is happy for us to be with him, for his family together. But he is also sad because of our urge to go home. Our first vacation together,that may entertain us and make us happy for a little bit, in Canada was in Banff with some friends with us. This vacation might entertain us and make us happy for a little bit and it did.

     After 3 weeks of our stay in Canada school finally started. I found friends and they helped me cope up , they taught me about the Canadian culture and English language, and they also made me feel happy and welcome.

     During a video call with my family in the Philippines my grandma said “ sini-celebrate namin birthday niyo dito kahit wala kayo” (we celebrate your birthdays even though you are not here) I was happy to hear that because they still remember our birthdays. I started liking Canada even though it is cold here because there are a lot of nice people that helped me and made me feel happy in Canada.


Respond to War

A.) What the author meant about the title is a war between father and son because Neil had an argument with his dad about the father going to war and breaking his promises to Neil. This conflict against father and son involved throwing stones at the father and hiding from everyone because Neil does not want his father to go to war. He also meant a war like World War II that the father is going to in France against Germany.

B.) The way Neil reacts to his father leaving is a typical reactions of a ten year old boy because they are still weak towards their feelings and Neil still does not know the reasoning behind his father going to a war in France. In the middle of Neil’ s argument with his father he threw stones, that are supposed to be gifts for his mother, at his father because of anger and grudges against his father. But the father endured and took all of the stones that were being thrown to him because he is willing to sacrifice. The father went to war so that nobody have to go to war including his sons. Stones symbolizes sacrifice because even though the father knew that there will be more stones being thrown at him during the war, which are bullets, he still went and fought against Germany because he does not want his children to suffer like their uncle Frank who died during the war. For Muslims stones represents evil it is called the Stoning of the evil which is part of their ritual that represents the temptation to disobey God.

C.) The climax of the short story “War” is when Neil hit his father on the stone and he saw confusion on his face. When he saw the confusion Neil felt empathy for his father. Another high point in the story is when Neil and his father was in an existential crisis. They were both sitting in the sun but never said a word to each other. The conflict was resolved at the end by taking pictures together and saying their proper goodbye to the father.

Research a Human Rights Violation: War Against Drugs

The new elected president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte unleashed a human rights adversity, war against drugs. It’s a government murderous movement against drug users by harassing and persecuting drug abusers all over the country. This conflict started on June 30, 2016 when Duterte became president and this caused a decline in respect for basic and human rights. President Rodrigo Duterte started his war against drugs because he was threatened that the Philippines would turn into a narco state. It means that policies of a certain country would cooperate with illegal drug trade. According to the government data, since July 1, 2016 there were about 7,000 drug users killed by an unidentified gunman and about 3, 116 drug abusers have been killed by police officers. A lot of innocent victims are getting brutally murdered during an anti drug operation. A movement by Senator Manny Pacquiao on September 19, 2016 is a voting movement against Senator De Lima to get removed in the senate because she is a suspected drug lord. The majority of people chose to remove De Lima and to be taken to jail. 

For instance, children are getting shot and most of the victims will be found on the back alleys wrapped in tape and signs of torture all over their body. Kian Lloyd Delos Santos, a 17 year old grade 11 student was murdered during an anti drug operation on August 17, 2017. The police officers that were in the operation claimed that Kian pointed a gun at them but witnesses said that the police officer told Kian to take their gun and run. Kian’s death caused government investigation, public outrage and protesters (video) to stand up and seek justice for him. Furious people and the parents of Kian protested and there were also students that joined the protest.  

I used videos, articles, and Wikipedia to get information and I used a video because it was easier to understand. I used a lot of sources because the articles all have different interesting points and ideas. Most of the articles were about the senate talking about the issue and conflict their facing they never considered and concluded the opinions of the citizens of the Philippines.

Responding to the Story: A Conversation of Birds by Jean Yoon

a.) The theme of the story is about promises, it is about why we have to fulfill our promises. When we make promises we have the responsibility to meet and fulfill their promises to each other. For instance, Sally promised to her parents that she will go to Kwang Joo with them. Even if there were no young people in the funeral ceremony she still went to Kwang Joo because she is reminded of Kent State and it is a sign of maturity to go with her parents to Kwang Joo. The theme also includes when to speak out for yourself and for the sake of others. The students from Kwang Joo protested for fairvote and martial rule. Students from Kwang Joo risked their lives and protested because they want to stand up for themselves and have their rights respected.


b.)  In page 44 the title occurred during the dad was giving his speech when he was unfolding his speech, that he wrote the night before they went to Kwang Joo, it was quiet and all they could hear was the conversation of birds. Also, in page 45 the title appeared in different words when the father finished his speech and everyone was complimenting him, the protagonist said that “voices are scattered in all directions”.  


c.) When the father ended his speech, Sally asked him what his speech was all about and the dad simply answered that it was “just the same old thing”. The father answered the daughter with the same old thing because he thinks that Sally, his daughter, is not ready for it, won’t appreciate it, and she doesn’t deserve to know the speech yet. Most importantly, the father can’t deliver the same speech twice that has been told from his heart.


d.) The author, Jean Yoon, feels that it is important to speak out against injustice and human violation because it is important to defend their rights and others too for them to be treated equality. It is also important to stop human violation, and to get the justice that people want against human violation. Also, to decrease the human rights violation all over the word. To stop human violations all over the world people can protest, learn about the human violation, elect a new government, and serve in the army.

e.) A hero is a person who is admired by many for his/her courage and outstanding achievements. In the story A Conversation of Birds the father is the hero because he showed care for other people like the students in Kwang Joo. Students from Kwang Joo got massacred because of protesting for fairvote and martial rule. The father is from Kwang Joo and he was given the responsibility to deliver a message for the deceased students. His main helpers are his wife and daughter, Sally his daughter promised to go with him to the funeral ceremony even though she did not know what the meaning of the speech. While he was stating his speech in front of a lot of people he started crying and all that they could hear was the conversations of birds in the room. This was the time that the father felt alone and stuck in existential crisis.Although, he cried while stating his message and he was also having a hard time delivering his speech that he prepared he still solved his problem by telling his speech from his heart.

Write a Short Story: The Michelle I Know


Noises from the basketball practice filled the empty school. The sunset was reflecting all over the city and the athletes felt worn out.

    The boys planned to go straight to a birthday party. Everyone was invited except Ian, the clumsiest player in the team. But Ian wouldn’t go anyway because he would rather go home than go to parties. Ian can not hide his feelings, it was written all over his face. He felt alone and felt like he doesn’t belong in the team because everyone is treating him the water boy of the team. Ian began his way home but he decide to stop at the convenience store for a beef jerky. While he was tapping his fingers on the counter, waiting to pay his grocery, he saw two guys chasing after an unease guy that is probably his age.

    Fear was written all over the guy. On the other hand, the other two guys was angry and they were wearing an all black outfit like they were gangsters and they looked mysterious, he thought. But Ian just shrugged his thoughts off of his mind.

    He started his way out of the store and all he can see was darkness and the streetlights giving brightness to the sidewalk.

    Once again he felt drained and exhausted, as he was walking down the streets and he didn’t notice that it was pass his curfew. And he knew that he would get in trouble by his overreacting mom. By the time he reached his way under the bridge. Darkness was all he can see. He heard noises that sounded like guys shouting at each other, as he went nearer he saw a shadow of a guy pointing a gun at his opponent. His eyes expanded like an owl, he was shocked and did not know what to do. He quickly ran to the edge of the bridge to hid from the dreadful event that he had just witness. He saw one of the guys turned his head on his direction. Ian felt at ease that the guy didn’t see him.

    “ You are a traitor, Alex” the armored guy said to the other guy, kneeling in front of the armored guy, with full of hatred and authority from his voice. Ian was tapping his phone to call the police when he heard a gunshot that filled the area and saw blood scattered all over the floor. The short and petite guy was panicking beside the armored guy, leader, with the gun, he looked like he didn’t know what to do and Ian saw sympathy but something is stopping him, the short guy, to help him. “ Let’s get out of here” the armored guy said to the short guy and they started running away until Ian can’t see their shadow anymore. Ian was left there in the middle of the night zoned out of his mind, didn’t know what to do with the guy losing a lot of breath and fighting for his life. Ian went near him and saw the guy losing his breath one by one and tears escaping his eyes that are slowly closing. “Be strong and don’t give up and fight for your life for your family” Ian said but he wanted to tell the guy losing his life to not give up so he can do revenge against the guys that shot him but his conversation with his mother haunt him and remembered what she said about revenge “ Don’t waste your time on revenge, those that hurt you will eventually taste their own dose of medicine”. As he remember the conversation Ian had with his mother he heard sirens of police cars and ambulance coming from the road on top of the bridge. 

Respond to the Story: The Michelle I Know


  1. a.)  I think the hero in the story is Michelle because most of the heroes in stories are the protagonist. She had a transformation and her adventure began when she went out of her room to meet Claude. She was frustrated and stressed most of the time. A hero also sees the beast and the darkness.


 b.) The turning point of the story was when most of her friends stopped visiting her and she was experiencing existential crisis. Another low moment was when Michelle was talking to Claude and she broke down when she took off her mask and cried in front of Brenda and Claude, and she admitted that it is hard being in her situation right now. The most darkest moment for Michelle was when she thought of letting go of Rob. It was the loneliest event during her stay in the hospital because Rob is the only person that didn’t give up on her yet, other than her family, and if he gives up on her Michelle would feel that she is not worth it anymore and her chances of thinking about suicide would increase too.


 c.) Don’t waste yourself and your time fighting the wrong fight is one of the morals of the story, The Michelle I Know. This means that Michelle should just keep fighting her illness, leukemia, and not waste her strength on the people who stopped visiting her, and Rob. Another message of the story from Claude is that we were all given a life from God and we don’t just throw it out like a piece of garbage. This message’s purpose is to encourage Michelle to keep fighting cancer and for her not to give up.


d.) Humor is important in the story because it is a gift, and it is meant to keep the characters happy and for them to laugh. Humor is mostly for the characters that are going through a problem to help them through it with a good laughter.


 e.) Alison Lohans chose the title The Michelle I Know because she might have gone through Michelle’s story or someone close to her heart. It is probably a true life event for her and she was inspired by Michelle that she made a story about it.


Presenting a Song

 One Day by: Matisyahu

Sometimes I lay

Under the moon

And thank God I’m breathing

Then I pray

Don’t take me soon

‘Cause I am here for a reason


Sometimes in my tears I drown

But I never let it get me down

So when negativity surrounds

I know some day it’ll all turn around because…

All my life I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been praying for

For the people to say

That we don’t wanna fight no more

There will be no more wars

And our children will play

One day


It’s not about

Win or lose

‘Cause we all lose

When they feed on the souls of the innocent

Blood-drenched pavement

Keep on moving though the waters stay raging


In this maze you can lose your way (your way)

It might drive you crazy but don’t let it faze you, no way (no way)


Sometimes in my tears I drown (I drown)

But I never let it get me down (get me down)

So when negativity surrounds (surrounds)

I know some day it’ll all turn around


Because……. All my life I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been praying for

For the people to say

That we don’t wanna fight no more

There will be no more wars

And our children will play

One day


One day this all will change

Treat people the same

Stop with the violence

Down with the hate


One day we’ll all be free

And proud to be

Under the same sun

Singing songs of freedom like

One day


All my life I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been praying for

For the people to say

That we don’t wanna fight no more

There will be no more wars

And our children will play

One Day


Rona’s Voice Recording

Kathleen’s  Voice Recording


One Day is sung by Matisyahu, we picked this song because it has a powerful meaning. It symbolizes people, from Iraq or from countries with ongoing war, that are hoping for a truce and a peaceful life. On my recording my tone stayed plain and the same tone, I also think that my speed was fast and my volume is low. Reading a song is very different from singing it because it is weird reading a song when its supposed to be sung. It is also because I am used to singing it, and sometimes I can’t help myself to blend the tone with my reading. The most effective part of our reading was reading in a quiet place without interruptions, and practice reading the song before we recorded it  so that we know that Kathleen and I need to work on our mistakes, and to also try to actually read it not sing the song.



Superman’s Song : Responding to the Song

                         a.) Tarzan – Tarzan wasn’t a ladies’ man

He is shy and not confident

                               Self reliant

                               He is lacking confidence

                               He has long hair and would just talk about the jungle, and apes

                               Savage, dirty, and smelly

                               Protect, defend, and cares for women

                               Quick, athletic, and strong

                               King of the jungle, by being the savior of the jungle

                               He had no brain

                               Lord of the apes

                               He leads the jungle by doing what he has to do

                              Superman – Clark Kent is his real name

                               He is a real gentleman

                               He is strong, clean, he speaks perfect English but he keeps secrets and he                     

                               is suspicious.

                               Superman does not work and save people to make money.

                               Honest, strong, smart, and selfless

                               He was born in a different planet called Krypton

  • The character that the songwriter, Brad Roberts respects the most is Superman because Roberts described Superman more in a positive way than how he described Tarzan.

b.) Tarzan have long and frizzy hair and they both are strong. He would be tempted to quit because he can’t reveal himself truly to someone he cares about like Lois Lane or not being able to also take off his mask that is hiding the true him.

c.) Superman is trying to save the world from Solomon Grundy because he can, for justice, and it’s the right thing to do. It is also a part of his identity to save the world to save the people from threats and dangers.

d.) Superman would be tempted to join Tarzan in the jungle because he can take of his mask and he can be his true identity in the jungle with Tarzan. He has the freedom to be his own kind of humankind and does not have to wear his mask every time.

e.) Tarzan is the person that loves animals, likes nature, is comfortable of what he looks like, and he is not scared of judgement. On the other hand, Superman is scared of judgement and he symbolizes a person that has two different personalities.

f.) The character that I would rather be is Tarzan, because he has the freedom to show what he really feel and what he really wants to do. It is also because of his personality being a good leader to the jungle and the animals in the jungle despite of the differences that they have between each other. Even if he had no parents to raise him and teach him lessons and manners to be a good person he still chose to do the right thing and that is to protect the jungle and to be the leader of the jungle and all of the apes. He is also caring, and helpful towards others with a different kind and he is also selfless, he thinks about other people or animals sake first than his own self. He is also brave to fight and protect for the jungle and for the safety of its creatures.






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