Am I strong enough? Knowledge

Gift of the holy spirit (knowledge)
Gift of the holy spirit (knowledge)

Luke 10:25-28 -You can recognize a person by the gift of knowledge by seeing that they know right from wrong and good from bad. Knowing the answers through life may help with decisions

Mathew 22:23-33 – Knowing the power of God and respecting it. Knowing the scriptures may help us fulfill our true purpose keeping in mind that god is not dead but living can help us stay true to God.

Genesis 41:51-36 – Knowing the true meaning behind things that are literal preparing for things that you know is coming can be useful.

The spirit of the holy spirit is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13 – You can recognize a person with the gift of love by knowing that if they know the three words it will help them love one another.

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