Personality Survey

After taking my blueprint-who am I-Personality Survey it showed my personality type which was INFP (The Healer) INFPs are creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. I believe everybody is uniquely individual. Always optimistic, they focus their energy on remaining positive and follow their hearts when making a decision. I am spontaneous, quirky, and independent and use my personal beliefs and values as a guide for my actions.Intensely emotional, INFPs form strong attachments to the people, places and things they care about. I also tend to lend support to people, causes or projects that resonate with them at an emotional level and I strive to ensure that no voice or opinion goes unheard. INFPs are spontaneous, flexible, and I avoid environments that constrain them. I am able to easily connect with others at a deep level and have a gift for conjuring imagery and symbolism when I communicate. INFPs prefer to avoid being in the spotlight but are always ready to lend a helping hand in support of those who are.

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