Compatibility Survey

I took the veterinarian compatibility occupation survey and I found it the most interesting and elaborate. I got 87% on this survey. The reason why is because i’m very captivated in animals so the headline of this job stands out to me and I also want to have a career  working with and helping all types of animals animals. Veterinarians are animal doctors who care for all different kinds of animals and work to rehabilitate injured or sick creatures around the world. Vets diagnose and supply treatment for animals who have health problems, They also carry out surgical, and medical procedures if needed, such as dental work, setting fractures, and vaccines. most often times to earn a degree in veterinary medicine it takes around four years. It is also a possibility to get into a college of veterinary medicine without having your bachelors degree first. Admission is highly competitive and fewer than 50% get accepted each year. I found this job topic my favorite because I get to help animals.

The next compatibility occupation survey I took was a surgeon. I found this one interesting but I don’t know if I would want to make a career out of it as much as veterinarian. I got 77% on the surgeon survey. I did well on this survey because I am fascinated in the medical field and I enjoy things related to science. Surgeons are doctors who specialize in treating disease, deformity, and injuries through operations. Using a variety of instruments, a surgeon repairs bone, corrects physical deformities, and tissue after injuries, or performs preventive surgeries on patients. Although a large number perform general surgery, many surgeons choose to specialize in a specific area. Specialties include orthopedic surgery, the treatment of the musculature system, neurological surgery, treatment of the brain and nervous system, cardiovascular surgery, and plastic or reconstructive surgery. Like other physicians, surgeons examine patients, perform and interpret diagnostic tests, and counsel patients on preventive healthcare. Becoming a surgeon is a lengthy process, generally requiring four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school and 3-10 years of residency and fellowship training. Surgeons continue the education process throughout their careers in order to maintain license and stay informed of medical advances.

My last compatibility occupation survey was an animal scientist. I personally wasn’t as interested in this one as the others because it was more about agriculture. I only got 70% on this survey. I did well on this one but not as good because i’m not as involved and gripped on to the agriculture topic. Animal scientists typically conduct research on domestic farm animals. With a focus on food production, they research animal genetics, nutrition, reproduction, diseases, growth, and development, and work to develop efficient ways to produce and process meat, poultry, eggs, and milk. Animal scientists may crossbreed animals to get new combinations of desirable characteristics. They advise farmers on how to upgrade housing for animals, lower animal death rates, handle waste matter, and increase production. To become an animal scientist you have to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in animal science or a related field, such as biology or chemistry. You must earn a graduates degree. Animal scientists should earn a 2-year degree in animal science at a vocational or technical school. To prepare, students need to take courses in math, biology and science while in high school. After obtaining employment, technicians are generally trained on the job.


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