Qualities Of Friendship

Joyful – I would want a friend who is joyful because then that person can make me feel happy and when i’m feeling down it’s good to have someone around that’s there to cheer me up. Having a friend that’s joyful can make you joyful and make you more fun to be around just because of that one persons affect on you.

Caring – Having a friend that’s caring is great because they display kindness and concerns for others even if it’s not someone they’re close with. This can teach you to be a more respectful and caring person.

Understanding – Friends who know what you’re going through and understand what needs to be done is the best because they can help you with everything like accomplishing goals or dreams and acknowledge your choices and choose to help.

Honest – Honesty is a great quality when looking for a friend. it’s good to have a friend who tells you the truth about everything even if its not all good because being left with a lie feels awful.

Fun – Fun friends are awesome because when your feeling up for a party you’ll always need that fun friend to get the excitement going and when you have a good time with friends its always good.

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