My Learning Styles

There are 3 types of learning styles which are Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory.

I am mostly from the survey a Visual learner. A Visual learner is someone that learns from looking and seeing, which I do and I also learn from hands-on thinks like writing out study note in flashcards. A person also likes to take numerous detailed notes. A visual learner also tends to sit in the front and often closes their eyes to help visualize or remember something. They also benefit from illustrations and presentations that use color. I am also a Kinesthetic learner to because when I study for tests I like to use flashcards and write the stuff on there. I also like to take breaks when I am studing.

Study Tips they use are:

  • Underline and highlight key ideas in their notes.
  • They use graphic organizers ex, Mind map, Venn diagram, web.
  • Pause and try to create a mental image in their mind, or they draw a visual representation.
  • Turns concepts into charts and diagrams

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