The 10th Commandment

The 10th Commandment: “you shall not covet” which means that anything that is your neighbors you shall not desire for or greed for.  God wants us to help “the poor” and the “poor in spirit”.  Matthew 5:3-10 and Luke 6:20-26 say this saying in both of these passages about helping “the poor” and the “poor in spirit” which means we must be humble in our spirits. An example of a “good desires” would be wanting to help or to give back like if you are going through your clothes in your closet and you come across a lot of clothes that you don’t wear anymore giving them to people that can’t afford new clothes.  Our school can help by like having food drives to help the poor with having food. Our community can hold suppers for the poor to help feed. The province can help and give clothes that people in the provence don’t use to people that need. The country can also help donate more things like money and other stuff to.

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