My Knowledge

In my Blueprint, after I did the survey on Knowledge, it showed me what my top subject area is and it is Physical Education then the second was Creative Arts and the third one was Science. Physical education courses help you understand and appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. Topics may include Sports, Wellness, and Health Sciences. My second subject that the results said was Creative Arts. Art courses help you develop artistic abilities, techniques, and practice. Topics may include Visual Arts, Music, Dramatic Arts. The third subject it said was Science. Science courses help you develop your understanding of basic scientific concepts and how they relate to other parts of your life. Topics may include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

In my design on Canva of my Knowledge, I put Physical Education and on the picture that I was designing on it I put a picture of a running shoe because running and exercising is a way to stay healthy. Aso on the picture I put one picture of a water bottle because in order to stay hydrated when exercising and staying healthy drinking water is healthy for you and the best fluids to drink when staying healthy.  I also put a picture of weight on my Canva because if you are staying fit and healthy building your muscles and staying strong is a good and important thing to.

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