Poems for E.L.A

I made a visual of my 3 favorite poems we did and they were Mountains, The Road Not  Taken, and Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening.  They quote I picked for Mountains which was by Rukiye Henderson and the quote I picked was “Covered in a blanket of silvery mist/ You feel as though kissed” which was talking about the snow on the mountain. The next quote I picked for The Road Not Taken was “Two roads diverged in a yellow mood/ And sorry I could not travel both” and it was talking about them not being able to travel both roads. Then the last quote was from Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening and it was “Whose woods these are I think I know/ His house is in the village though” and the poet was writing that the man who the woods belong to lived in a village, not the woods. The pictures I used in my canva picture were not the ones that were the actual pictures that went with the poem but they were what the poem was talking about.

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