Time Travel

Time travel is something that lets you travel back in time to different eras of the world. The movie “Back to the future” used the concept of time travel. If Time travel was ever to become a thing I would like to visit places in which I learned about or I was wondering about what it was like in that era. Time travel could be done using different things such as a car which is an example.

If time travel was possible the first place I would go is back to the Northlands Coliseum in the 80s when Gretzky played. I would want to go back to that time because in every picture and when they would record the games the rink looks different, it looks darker in the rink so I would want to go and see if it was the same as the Northlands Coliseum is now. It was recently Rexall where the Oilers played then they moved to Rogers then after they moved they ended up calling it Northlands Coliesuem again. Also, I would want to go see Gretzky play hockey if time travel became a thing.

The second place I would go if time travel was ever invented is I would go to the late 1800s when Canada became a country because I would want to see what it was and what it looked like back then. There has been a lot of history back when Canada was trying to become independent. Also if you went back in time to see what Canada was like in say 1867 when Canada because a country you would John A Mcdonald well if that’s where you time-traveled to.

If time travel became a thing the third place I would go is to the renaissance. I would like to see what it would be like and look like. I would want to see the differences fro Italy now then from Italy then. Going to the REnnaisannce would also be cool because there were so many famous people from that time like Leanardo Da Vinci and more. There were also some cool paintings and buildings because the renaissance was like the era of art. When I was in grade 8 we learned about the famous people and what the renaissance was. Also, I would like to see the time of exploration such as explorers that found North America or Canada.

So if time travel was a thing those are the three places and time eras I would go back to visit. They were going to the Northlands Coliseum, bak to when Canada became a country, and the renaissance period to see the famous people or artists.

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