How I Became Rich: Identify a Good Read

In the top 25 most popular long reads I read one called “How I Became “Rich” and the story was about a girl and her boyfriend the girls name is Stacy Torres and her and her boyfriend went on there second trip to Hawaii. Stacy didn’t think of them as rich because of where she grew up but people would often comment on being rich like their cab driver. They had the same cab driver their first time going to Hawaii. So she was confronted with her status being better than where she came from.

One main point of this good read is that she wouldn’t classify her and her boyfriend as rich but some people would see them as rich and comment on that like how they went to Hawaii 2 times and the person who really commented on that was their cab driver who they got their first trip to Hawaii as well. A demonstration of this is when they were leaving the taxi or cab the driver said see you next year kinda presenting that he thought they were rich.

Another main point of the story is that her Dad when the taxi cab driver said “this is where the rich people live like you” she said her Dad would of went and said, “yes like us”. She makes it out that her Dad feels proud when people say that he is rich and that when she brings back souvenirs he wants her to keep the bag so people know she went to Hawaii and actually got those from Hawaii.

Another main point of the story is she tells where she was from and a bit about her childhood and why she doesn’t feel rich and why she doesn’t say she’s rich when people comment on that. She said she was born in New York. Also, Stacy Torres was explaining in detail what it was like being in Hawaii and was saying that in New York she would walk fast but here she just wanted to take it in and take her time and enjoy being there.

So “How I became Rich” was the story that I did and how the title “how I became rich” relates to the story is Stacy Torres never thought of her self as rich so when the cab driver said “This is the part of town where the rich people live like you” that’s where the title “How I became rich is because the cab driver commented on that. In the three-body paragraphs I wrote about in the first one was how she would classify her self as rich. Then in the second paragraph, I wrote about how when the cab driver said that’s where the rich people like you live I wrote about the girl saying that it feels go to her Dad when people call him rich and that he would of said “Yes rich like me” that’s what her Dad would have said to the cab drivers comment. In the third paragraph I wrote about where she came from and what she felt like being in Hawaii like how in New York she would walk fairly fast around the city in Hawaii she would take her time and just let things soak in.

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