Dream House

Every person dreams of having a huge mansion with a pool a gym and many more things to make it the best house ever. Your house could be located anywhere like Hawaii, Fiji and more its where you love to stay and wake up every morning and get the day started. I’m about to say what my dream house is.

My dream house I want to have will be in either Hawaii, California in the countryside, or by the mountains in Canada. I want my dream house though to have good security but also look nice. I want the color to be modern colors and a modern house with a little bit of brighter colors to pop things out. In my dream house, and I also want some secret doors and tunnels to get around the house.

The special accessors of the house that I want or the rooms that I want is a gaming room so I can play the video games that I like to play like Nhl 20. Then I would want a indoor Hockey rink so I can have fun and also train and practice in there. I would install an elevator to go to every room in the house so it makes it faster and easier to get around and of course I will have stairs in there too. Then I would build a movie room for movie nights or just to watch tv, and a gym and field to do more sports and other things like a ball hockey game if my friends came over.  I know everybody dreams of having a swimming pool in there house and that’s exactly what I would want. I would like to have those big wave effects in the swimming pool, so a wave pool with a big cool water slide.

The interior and outside of my house would be very nice. When you first go up my driveway which would be long and have good security so no one would try to break in it would come up to a big fountain and then my house. The outside would also have a pool and a golfing driving range for me to practice my shots. Then I would have some woods in the back of my yard to make walking trails and quad and dirtbike trails to have fun and drive around the house. When you go to my front doors you will also have to unlock the security which is hard cause you would need the password but then you would walk into the big door and there is the entrance room. The interior of the house would be fancy and nice but also everything I want in there like a bit of a log cabin and a modern house. That’s what the interior and outside of my dream house would be.

So a dream house to make wold be expensive no dought but a lot of fun to live in. Imagine this you waking up to see the beautiful sea or the great big mountains and you have an idea to go swimming or go workout or finally go play some hockey you can do all of that because its all in or outside of your house. Have a dream house will give you all of those opportunities that you’ve dreamed of your whole life to have. LIke everykid though has dreamed of having a pool in there house and going swimming or if you like hockey having a rink in your house would be even cooler. That is what my dream house would be like.

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