Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World

Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World was in our I blog and there were 9 sentences or like paragraphs. The assignment was to pick one of those 9 and write a post on our blog. I decided to write about number 6 about how there is sometimes no and a yes people in the world.

A “no” person is a person who thinks of the impossible and thinks why things might not work out. A “yes” person is someone who likes to look on the Brightside of things and thinks things are possible. The yes people are also the people that expect things to work out or are positive on things. An example of a no person is if they are losing in let’s say and sports game they well say that they aren’t gonna win or they don’t think on the Brightside that they are going to win.  While a yes person will think on the Brightside and try to come back from losing that game because they believe nothing is impossible. THe will expect to go into that game at the start and expect the outcome to be positive and if they do lose by not much at least they try and believed they could win.

An example of a person that is a yes person is Conner McDavid. The reason I think he is a yes person is that he always shows on and off the ice that he believes. When they are down in the game he is throwing his stick taking bad penalties he is trying to get back on top of the game and get his team back in it. Leon Draisaitl who is on the same team also as Mcdavid doesn’t give up ethier he works hard to get those goals and get back on top and that’s why he and Mcdavid are top of the league in points. An example of a person who is a no person is a tennis player. I don’t exactly know his name but I saw him on the tv one time and e was losing and would smack his stick on the ground and hit the tennis ball all over the place because he was losing.

One day I was playing Nhl 20 with my friend and I was having fun and in the game I was down 7 to 1 I think and it was first to 9 but I never gave up that just gave me some more energy and juice to keep playing hard and I did I believed I could still win and I did I made the comeback and won the game. So what happened is I thought that this come back was possible and it was. An example of the no person was my team one of the games this year is we seen the stats of this good team and thought no one beat them yet this is going to be bad and that wasn’t the right kind of attitude because then the second time we were playing we came out hard and we played hard and we had that positive win attitude and the score was 5 to 1 but lose 5 to 1 to a team that averages 9 goals a game we weren’t mad because we believed it was possible to beat them which it is possible but we tried hard in that game.

So those are just some of the many examples of a yes and no person and what they are. Also being a yes person in a sporting game will be easier to win because you got that winning attitude that you are going to do good like some of the examples that I provided and yes everyone once in a while will have a no attitude in some type of thing you do but having a yes attitude is different cause of the way you will feel after some type of thing you do.


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