The Hero Journey

The Heros Journey is a formula that is used in a bunch of movies and books. It doesn’t matter what genre the movie or book is. This formula studied was popularized by a man named Joesph Campbell. In 1949 Joseph wrote a book called A Hero with Thousand Faces and it had the basic patterns now used in The Heros Journey formula. The movie that I am going to talk about is Spider-Man. It follows this formula because his life had changed when the spider bit him.

There are 12 steps to The Heros Journey and they are 1. Ordinary World is the hero before anything has happened or before the adventure. 2. Call to the adventure, 3. Refusal of the call which is when they come and ask you to go somewhere or on an adventure and the person denies the call that what that is. 4. Metting the mentor and 5. Crossing the threshold. 6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies and this part show the test the character has to do with his enemies and how his allies help him. 7. Tests, Allies, and Enemies. 8. The Ordeal is the dangerous physical test or the inner crisis that the hero must face. 9. Reward and the reward is what happens when they beat the ordeal. 10. The road back. 11. The resurrection which is the final battle. 12. Returns home.

In spiderman, the Ordinary World is Peter Parker is a kid that would take pictures and one day he was taking pictures at the animal exhibit when a spider had gotten out and bitten him. After that, he had gone home and was a little bit sick and then the next day he had his powers and was trying then out after school and was the Called to the Adventure with his powers so he thought with those powers he could help the city. The Crossing the threshold in this story is spider man taking on the green goblin and that is his quest is to save the city from him. His Test is taking on the green goblin who has a bunch of gadgets or perks to make him hard to beat, Spidermen didn’t have any allies as he works alone. His enemy in the first movie is the green goblin.

The next formula part is the Approach to the inmost cave and that’s saying when this is and this is happing in New York where there is lots of crime and saying lots of crime he started fighting bad guys because his Uncle Ben was shot. The Ordeal in this movie was the green goblin shot at a tall building with a bunch of people on there and stuff was falling on to the streets with people there so Spiderman had to save all those people there which he did. The reward for spiderman saving everyone was everyone knew and liked him now but he always left he never stayed after the scene of the crime he stopped. The road home in this movie was him just going back to his house cause he knew the green goblin would be back. The resurrection in this movie was the green goblin vs spiderman and the outcome was a big fight because then he knew that spiderman was Peter Parker because the green goblins son was best friends with Peter. After they were done fight the green goblin shot his flyer at spider man which he dodged it and then it penetrated the green goblin. and the green goblin was dead. Spiderman brought him back to his house. The return to the ordinary world part of the movie is spiderman had just beat his first enemy and now was a changed man because the city loved him and needed him.

So The Heros Journey formula is used in movies and books in all genres. Spiderman is used throughout the whole movie which makes the movie really good. There are 12 steps to making a movie or book with this formula and if you make and use the twelve steps perfectly you have a good movie or book. There have been many movies and books using this formula and its easy to make your own story or movie with this. The twelve steps are 1.Ordinary World, 2. Call to the adventure, 3. Refusal of the call, 4. Metting the mentor, 5. Crossing the threshold, 6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies, 7. Tests, Allies, and Enemies, 8. The ordeal, 9. Reward, 10. The road back, 11. The resurrection, 12. Returns home. That’s why spider man follows the Heros Journey Formula.

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