Road Trip

Have you ever been on long road trips with your Family? As you would know lots of people like doing road trips with their Family but some just wanna stay at home and watch movies or play Xbox. Some days I like going on road trips but some days I just like to stay at home and sleep or do things that I got to get done around the house. Road trips are good because they are time being spent with your family but the thing with road trips that some kids don’t like is the distance driving in the car to get to the destination. I went on a family road trip to Kelowna and it was long and far but it was worth the drive so I’m gonna tell you some of the things that my family and I did there.

The drive down to Kelowna B.C was very long it is about 11 hours and 29 minutes. We traveled from vermilion to Edmonton first then down from Edmonton to Calgary. From Calgary, we went through Banff then Revelstoke. The drive through the mountains was very fun and amusing. Getting to Kelowna felt like forever because when we were going through the mountains it was just turn after turn and it felt never-ending but then soon enough we got there and it was nice. we went and drove to a Walmart or something like that to get some food. We also drove to see the Kelowna rink because the whole purpose of going was to a goalie camp.

The first part of our trip was we went to the lake because we had some time before the camp started. I think my family went up a day earlier so we could go to the Okanagan Lake to swim in it because it was supposed to be clean because it is mountain water. It was clean but it wasn’t clear blue like the lakes in the mountain where it was like a normal lake but also more clearer than a normal lake. So what I mean is that the lake was clear where you could see your feet in the sand a little ways out but if you looked at the water it wasn’t blue and you could see the bottom at the deepest parts but the lake was clean. So we had spent time there and then went back to the condo to check out anything they had there.

The next morning was the start of goalie camp. The goalie camp I went to started on Monday and went to Friday I think. I know it was a week-long camp which was loads of fun. Every morning I would have to wake up at around 6 or 6:30 to get ready for camp which our first skate was at 8 am but I like to allow myself 1 hour to get ready. My Dad would always take me and my Mom and Sister would sleep in. Then there would be like classroom, dryland, lunch, another skate, and a couple more stuff that we would do. So every day for a week we would do this. The group I was with went to the H2O Adventures + Fitness center by the rink which also had a lazy river in it and it was tons of fun. After the goalie camp was done it was Friday so we were going to stay till Saturday and do something as a family and ended up deciding on going to the swimming pool by the rink. It was lots of fun the trip then early Saturday morning we packed up all of our stuff packed it in the truck and headed home.

The family road trip to Kelowna was lots of fun the drive down and back to Vermilion was really long and tiring so the next couple days were sleeping and getting some rest. MY thoughts on this trip were that it was lots of because not only did my family and I hang out we also got to check out many places and things. I even meet some new friends. I still talk to two of them today one of them was from Kelowna and the other one was from Calgary. So car rides with the family can be long because of the distance to the destination but it can also be a fun bonding expensive and that trip turned out to be really fun.

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