The Lottery and Millstone for the Sun’s Day

A lottery that put holds on life. In a small village where population is limited, a life changing game of lottery arises as quick as ending a life. The villagers help each other to which benefit them most but, unexpectedly they will be the one killing each other at the end. A short story, The Lottery, written by Shirley Jackson is a story revolving around a lottery game, where ironically the winner does not consider it winning but, losing because of the fact that the reward at the end is being stoned to death. It was very unlikely to think that a one lottery can change a villagers life.


Jackson’s lottery results not in a winner but a definite loser who is stoned to death by the villagers. As most readers of these story would expect that winners should gain or get a reward, but The Lottery proves that wrong, the winner of the lottery get nothing but, death.


The difference between this story shows between Tess Hutchinson from The Lottery and Joey from Millstone for the Sun’s Day. The difference between the two characters is that Tess Hutchinson has an idea about the Lottery. Although she might have showed that she was unconcerned about the lottery, she still puts up a brave face in front of the crowd. As for Joey, he has no clue what was going on. His only thought was he won the lottery and get to go on a yacht ride. He has no idea of his real purpose of his winnings.


Tess has his future all planned out as the rest of the villagers. But, Joey is clueless about his future. A relationship between adults and children’s represents both character. The adults being the role model for the children’s.


Both stories shows irony between the difference of winning and losing. The thought of winning would mean gaining a valuable price but instead an unexpected reward that results in losing.

The Milgram’s Experiment and Millstone for the Sun’s Day

Third world countries shaped their cultures through many beliefs.Cultures like mine believed that obedience is a great way to show respect to elders. Obedience is measured by one’s willingness to achieve a desire to perform a favor. Despite the fact that desires may involve violence. But, how far will humans obey an order? The Milgram’s Experiment represents how far a person can fulfill obedience involving violence to others. It was designed to monitor an individual’s ability to how long they can continue to punish others due to the obedience of authority. Similar to the Milgram’s Experiment, a short story, Millstone for the Sun’s Day also represents the impact of obedience in a person’s identity. Our actions are influenced by how we perform obedience from a higher person or the people we respected the most.


Stanley Milgram, the founder of the Milgram’s Experiment wanted to examine the conflict the occurs between the obedience of authority and personal conscience. The idea of the Milgram’s Experiment started after the WWII. Milgram’s curiosity struck him questioning the mass killing of Jews during the World War II. he wanted to scrutinize the real story behind the Nazi killings. This experiment was set up with three different volunteers giving each and one of them a particular role. The teacher, the learner, and the experimenter. Every time the learner answers the question wrong, the teacher gives him a higher and higher voltage of electric shock. If the teacher refuses to charge the shock, the experimenter forces an order for them to continue. His conclusions were people are most likely to follow orders from authority figures, even to the point of brutally killing innocent people.


Millstone for the Sun’s Day, written by Rudy Wiebe. A short story that surrounds the life of a young boy named Joey who has the chance to go on a yacht ride, from winning in the lottery. He was so eager and excited to experience his price, but behind the prize hides the real purpose of his winning.


Both the Milgram’s Experiment and the Millstones for the Sun’s day states a division of wealth difference in classes. From the Milgram’s Experiment, each volunteer is given each a task and divided them. The learner as the lower class. The teacher as the middle class. The experimenter as the higher class. The experimenter is at the top of the pyramid controlling the people below him. And, from the Millstone for the Sun’s Day, the father implies to Joey that he should stand wherever his father stands, where they belong. And, the way Joey pleased the Capitular by calling him “ The Highest”.


Although the Experiment and the short story was an in-depth of a true interpretation of obedience and class separation, these attempts were only present to prove difference from the past till now to the present. The obedience of how during the Holocaust the Germans were only following orders of killing the Jews from the Nazi. And, the class separation that makes others superior to someone else.

Get Philosophical!!!

Inside the minds of animals! What is your pet really thinking about you? Is it true that pets are smarter than some people? Same as people, pets also have different IQ than others. some people are smarter than others and so as pets.

In the beginning of the book, Whenever Sophie’s mother was in a bad mood, she would call the house they lived in a menagerie. A menagerie was a collection of animals. Sophie certainly had one and was quite happy with it. It had begun with the three goldfish, Gold top, Red Riding hood, and Black Jack. Next she got two budgerigars called Smitt and Smule, then Govinda the tortoise, and finally the marmalade cat Sherekan. They had all been given to her to make up for the fact that her mother never got home from work until late in the afternoon and her father was away so much, sailing all over the world.

The relation between this animals and Sophie is that they are the only living thing that she get to spent time with whenever her parents are away  for work all the time. She treats them and love them like a real family.



Poems, Expository Essay (Souls)

E.e. Cummings wrote the poem called “Nine Birds”. Nine Birds is about nine different souls climbing past down to death to heaven. Going to eternal life. Poems are pieces of writing that combines both speech and song that is nearly always rhythmical, usually metaphorical, and often exhibits such formal elements as meter, rhyme, and stanzaic structure. I choose three poems related to the Nine Birds, which are The Night Owl, Through the Glass Darkly, and Invictus.


The author of the  Night Owl was written by Kelly Deschler. The poem centers on a lonely girl who finds company in something watching her as she reads. At the beginning of the poem the thing that watching her seems to be man but is soon introduced as mysterious bird that sings and talks to her “a messenger of death”. I  believe she thinks that the birds takes away her loneliness and is sign that she feels she needs to die, but she also feels protected by the presence of the bird and maybe it’s not there to bring death but to bring company. As she looks up to see the birds, she right away assumes that the bird is a dark creature such as  raven or fowl, but instead she sees the silhouette of owl. This poem is related to Psalm 102:61 “I am like a desert owl, like an owl among the ruins”.  Nine Birds and Night owl are related to each other because, both poems show mystery in two different ways. Both  poems are portrayed as stories about birds but they are so much more than that the birds are not just birds they are feeling of happiness, sadness and of mystery itself.


Through the Glass Darkly is a poem made by Arthur Hugh Clough. This poem refers to 1 Corinthians 13:12, “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” After this the author asks “ What are we here?” He suggests that we are just here with our 5 senses just to detect things” In this poem this is the “ All souls living for a single mystery” part of the nine birds. As for “rising through a golden moment” from nine birds poem in this one it is displayed as dark glass,  “A mind for thoughts to pass into, A heart for loves to travel through,” This whole poem is describing the “living the dying of glory” and the single mystery that we all live for.


My own poem from our group was titled Invictus. A popular poem from the late nineteenth century by the English author William Ernest Henley. In Latin, Invictus is kind and unconquerable.The speaker in the poem proclaims his strength in the face of adversity.In 1875 one of Henley’s legs required amputation due to complications arising from tuberculosis. Immediately after the amputation he was told that his other leg would require a similar procedure. He chose instead to enlist the services of the distinguished surgeon Joseph Lister who was able to save Henley’s remaining leg after multiple surgical interventions on the foot.While recovering in the infirmary, he was moved to write the verses that became “Invictus”. This poem refers to the Nine Birds because the story of my poem was about dying, his leg got cut due to tuberculosis, and a miracle happens that he doesn’t need to cut his other leg. And in the nine birds poem it was also about dying then it came back to life again.


This poems are all created to inspire people, people who are going through hard times. This poem can share to anyone not just good people. We could share it, even if without the Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  We all have souls, it’s either good or bad, but even if we’re bad person doesn’t mean we don’t have heart, people can change. Like the Nine Birds, it rise up from purgatory to heaven, I believe that when you are bad and sometimes good and we die, we go to purgatory first until God accepts us in the heaven.


How to write an Expository Essay

“This is not a whimsical idea, it is a serious plan.” Calvin Klein, New York Magazine. Ready to pass your next expository essay with flying colors? This will aid your rise to the top in the grade hierarchy. Why would you settle with a passing mark, when you can eat with the kings? We do not want to make this sound silly or fanciful, writing well is important and should be a high-priority. In our essay we will examine how to properly organize an essay, write body paragraphs, and coherently write an expository essay.
Organization is key when writing an expository essay. The first paragraph will be the introduction, capturing the reader’s’ attention in this paragraph is essential. The introduction paragraph is the first brick laid down to build the castle, without it being strong you will have no way of ever entering the promise land. To make an introduction engaging you must include: a compelling topic and thesis sentence. The topic sentence is one of the first sentence in an essay, it should briefly explain what the essay is about. Also, at the beginning of each paragraph, except the conclusion, you need to add a topic sentence stating what that particular paragraph is about. Your thesis sentences will be the last sentence in the introduction, it must be a parallel sentence and should explain what each of the body paragraphs will include and which questions each paragraph will answer. Here is an example of an incorrect thesis statement and then the same ideas reworded to make it accurate: “Now I  will examine the way Navorski, Frank and Amelia cope with waiting.I will also analyze what I believe the general message of the film is.” This example is from gevans. The problem with these sentences is that they are not in parallel form. Correctly redone it would read: “I will now examine the way Navorski copes with waiting, how other’s such as Amelia deal with situation in which they need to be patient and analyze the general message of the film”. Next you will need to include the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs are a critical part of the essay. You must have at least 3 body paragraphs in your expository piece. In these three or more paragraphs you must have a supporting idea, and at least three details explaining the facts and your opinion. All of the details must support your thesis.The information must be relevant and accurate. It is also essential to have the some of the 5 golden bricks. The 5 golden bricks consist of an anecdote, facts, quotes, statistics, and detailed descriptions. To end paragraphs, you need more than just to skip a line, you need to use a transition sentence. Transitions are sentences used to connect one idea or paragraph to the next idea. An example of a well written transition is: “Even when Amelia leaves Navorski and tells him to go and complete his destiny, Viktor reacts courteously”. That transition is from jpeterson. This sentence closes the idea of that specific paragraph and then connects it to the next idea. The next example from panderson has no connection to the paragraph that follows it, but it does complete that paragraph, “That’s how love affects Viktor, he would have done anything for her as well”. The first sentence of your concluding paragraph is a re-worded thesis statement. Second you will summarize the entire essay in this paragraph. One of the most important concepts to remember is that you don’t want to introduce any new ideas, and this paragraph will not be very long. Another important concept while writing an essay is to make sure that it the body paragraphs are well written.
In the body paragraphs of an expository essay you must be sure to answer all of the questions, but not by bluntly asking them and then stating the answer right afterwards. Instead you must write your answers in such a way that your reader can figure out what the question was when they finish the paragraph. To answer your questions, write it so that each of your topics are supported by 3-5 clear and detailed pieces of evidence, and always make sure you provide a reason why your evidence supports your subject (example figure 1.1). As you can see, the details provided are all relevant and relate to the topic. The roots of your subject sprout from the sentences inside your essay, so be sure your ideas flow well, and this way, your ideas will be clearly separated and won’t get mixed up or confused. Aside from making sure that your sentences flow, you must keep the main idea of your paragraph clear. Also make sure that you stick to your plan, if you have one (see figure 1.2 as an example of a planning page). When creating your sentences be sure to use the proper words in the right context, this also means not repeating the same words over and over. Try to use your linking lexicon, or personal army of synonyms to do this. This way you can use the most descriptive and accurate words for your piece, as well as keeping your reader interested. When asking rhetorical questions make sure you do not stray off topic and providing anecdote can expand your essay and make it more engaging. Try to restate your main ideas and supporting evidence in different and creative ways throughout your paragraph. Be sure to proofread your body paragraphs and the rest of the essay before submitting it. Plus at the end of your paragraph be try to leave some form of starter for your next paragraph, this will help make your essay flow better.


Figure 1.1

“How ever on the flip side of this, when other characters are put into a scenario where they must wait, the respond with outrage and anguish. For example, the man from Russia with the medications. Without the MPL Dixon cannot let him bring the medications in, but with Navorski having waited in the air port for so long and being as compassionate and patient as he is gives up his chance at new york for the man to take the medications. Will that ever come back to repay Navorski? Probably not. As a matter of fact he may take Navorski’s act of compassion for granted, “If Navorski didn’t tell the man to say goat then he would have been sent home without his fathers medications.”

taken from bhoward

Figure 1.2

The planner was found at:

The planner was found at:

Another critical component of writing an expository essay is that it needs to be coherent. That means that good transitions are used, repetition is limited, and a variety of sentence structures. Transitions are important because they provide a finishing touch to a paragraph, as well as opening up the main idea of the next paragraph. Transitions are used by the authors to help the reader progress from one idea to another idea. They also show the relationship within a paragraph between the main idea and the support the author gives those ideas. Different transitions serve different purposes. Developments enhance in a logical order and improve the connections between every thought. They indicate relations and patterns, whether within a sentence, paragraph, or paper. They are basically key points that lead the reader through the essay. Transitions are necessary parts of an essay that help to make a clear, organized story and to make it coherent to the audience.Transition is the last sentence in a paragraph leading the reader to what’s up next paragraph. In a movie they switch scene to scene, that is a transition to the next part in the movie. Repetitions are good ways to enforce the subject of your topic, but are commonly misused or even under utilized in most paragraphs. The typical misuse of repetitions are when words like because and other are constantly repeated throughout the essay. Instead of copying the word over and over it’s better for the writer to find alternatives that has the same meaning. Ex) “Also just simply waiting in the airport for the many months he was trapped in airport he waited through it all” from btyner.  Another misapplication of repetition is when they are not used and the reader losses the meaning of the essay. This frequently happens when the essay is long and the writer never relates back to the main idea of their story. Some sentence types work better for getting across specific details. Parallel sentences can be used at the start of paragraphs to introduce the ideas that are in the paragraph. A parallel sentence should be used as the topic sentence to tell the reader what the essay will be all about. An example of a good use of parallelism at the start of essay is, “The Terminal, directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Andrew Niccol makes me consider some of the foundations of human nature, such as waiting, compassion and characteristics of tyrants” from jpeterson. Coherence is as important as introduction and a conclusion.

If your writing skills do not grow and develope then you cannot improve, achieve or be successful. Our essay has shown examples of proper organization of your essay, how to write body paragraphs, and how to write accurately and ways for your essays to flourish. This essay is about writing a successful expository writing piece organization, explicit detail, and transitions are key. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Expository Literacy Essay; The Terminal

Mr. Navorski starts his journey, after he waits a lot of time and get stuck at the airport.

A lot of people waste their time by waiting. Like Mr. Navorski in the movie called “The Terminal“.This movie was about a guy name Victor Navorski who was a Krakozhian immigrant who had been living in the airport for a long time. The producer of this movie was Steven Spielberg and the original writer was Andrew Niccol. The main characters are Victor Navorski, Amelia Warren, Frank Dixon, Gupta and etc. From this movie you will find yourself witnessing events, such as, Navorski being a prisoner in the wretched terminal, how other characters experience waiting, and how society excepts waiting.

Mr. Navorski cope with all the waiting he does with patience, promise, and sacrifice. When he was at the airport ,he is isolated as an IBIS hit, because his visa was no longer valid. His country was under a Military coup and he cannot enter to US or cannot go home to his own country. Dixon doesn’t like Victor so, he want him to get thrown in the jail. The only way he’s going to do that is when Victor break the law and get him out of his airport. Dixon was the director of Customs and Border Protection at JFK. He was the bad person on this movie. While Victor was at the airport he learn a bit of English and the first English word he learn was FRIENDS. He want to learn English because he want to understand what other people was saying and of course, to impress Amelia. Amelia was the girl that Victor liked and she was a flight attendant. All this waiting he has to do was a promise from his father. He want to go to New York at Ramada Inn 161 Lexington. Wherever Victor goes he always carry a can of peanut that he called “jazz”. This can of peanuts contains the 56 signature of jazz musicians and he want to get  one more signature from Benny Golson for his father. When Dixon let Navorski to get out of that airport Navorski thinks that he meant that he can go to New York, but he can’t, he can only go home. Victor persuade Dixon that he go to New York until Dixon got mad and block-mail Victor against his friends, if Victor doesn’t listen to Dixon all his friends will go to jail and some of them will be fired from their job. Victor sacrifice all his promise from his father for his friends to stay them out of the fighting between them.

Mr.Navorski help Enrique to win Dolores heart in exchange of a food.

From this movie also other characters needs to wait. Enrique Cruz needs to wait with love to catch Officer Dolores heart. When Victor and Enrique meet each other, Enrique give a proposal to Victor to win Dolores heart for him and he will never starve again. Everyday Victor always goes to Dolores station to ask a whole bunch of questions about Dolores and tell all about it to Enrique. Enrique calls himself a man of misery. He hides his self through Victor. When Victor was going to Dolores, she always told Victor to grab a green sheet, but Dolores always rejects it. When Victor ask Dolores  if what movie she want she said conventions and this made Enrique really happy, which makes him want to know more about Dolores. Victor ask Dolores if she had a boyfriend, he answered no, thinking that Victor was the one whose actually  asking it. Dolores has a boyfriend before but they already broke up, because he cheats. Dolores feel like, she don’t want to have another boyfriend again,because she thinks that all boys are just the same. When Enrique can’t wait, he want Victor to ask Dolores a very important question. He send Victor to ask Dolores what she wants “a man with a money or a man with love”. But Dolores ask Victor, who has been asking all of this question about her. Victor didn’t answer. A few minutes later Dolores was holding a ring, going towards Enrique sitting on a bench and she said Yes. So then they got married at the airport for thanking Victor. Enrique needs to wait a lot of time to get what he like and to be with Dolores but he deserve all of it.

Dixon is planning to do evil to Victor.

The message of this movie was like this quote I found “every time theres rain and sunshine in the morning there were always be a rainbow and when there’s rainbow there’s gold at the end”. It means that when u have patience in your heart and always have hope at the end you’ll get something in return. From this movie, from the beginning to the end of this movie Victor always wait. He arrived at the US airport and got stock in there for a long time. When he was allowed to leave that airport he still cant go to New York, because the place he can go is at Krakoshia, but he still want to go to New York. Victor try to seduced Dixon that he want to go to New York. Until Dixon got mad and block-mail Victor. Dixon insisted that Victor go to New York because, Dixon threatened Victor’s friends, making him concede to his orders, but thanks to Gupta, Victor can go to New York. While Victor was going out to meet his freedom, Dixon was planning something evil. Meanwhile, the staff gave Victor a lot of gifts that he could used in New York, and for on the way to remember them. The guards were at the front of the doors to the US, getting Victor not to enter, but when they were face to face, Therman stopped Victor, gave him a jacket, and said that its going be cold in New York. At the end, Therman helped Victor and defied Dixon. Victor got the signature he need.Then, I believe, he got to go home with a big smile. Waiting wasn’t that bad, when you that you’ll get a special gift at the end.

There are different people who copes with their waiting and different words describe their waiting.Victor on the Terminal waits with patience, unbreakable promises, and sacrifice. The other characters I used  were Enrique Cruz, and Officer Dolores . Enrique waits with love and friendship. Officer Dolores has to wait for the right time. Waiting is a key for our success and for a good future. Some people don’t know how to wait but, when they realize that waiting gives us beautiful surprises at the end, they learn to wait.  Jesus was mentioned in this movie and it is said if you followed him he will lead you to a bright future and so will waiting.



Thomas King’s Sentence Structure (Borders)

Simple Sentences; Mel turned out to be friendly.

Compound Sentences; Some of the television people went over to the American border, and then they went to the Canadian border.

Complex Sentences; The borders was actually two towns, though neither one was big enough to amount to anything.

Parallelism Sentences; He leaned into the window, looked into the back seat, and looked at my mother and me.

A Sunrise to the Veld (POEM)




Being young

with a love on your heart

Being young

was the best experience of life

Being young

to stand up for yourself

and fight what you believe in

Being young

With the joy on your face

Being young

and  enjoy with your friends

without pain and without fear

Being young

to smile ,laugh, fool around

and feel alive and free.

Descriptive Paragraph (my dad)

My dad is a tall guy who has a black eyes, black hair and tan skin. My dad is a really awesome and funny guy and makes me funny every time even if he is always stubborn sometimes.

When we went to Canada with my mom and sister, my dad was there to come pick us up to the airport. When we went here my dad always have time for us and taught us the new things that are in Canada that we don’t have in the country that I came from.

When I went to school, most of the time my dad drive me off, even when I want to go to somebody’s house. He also drove me of on special events like playing a sports on other places.

My dad taught me sports, I always learn some thing new from him about sports because when he was a teenager he also played sports liked basketballs.  And that is one of the most I admired about my dad.

One day, on the summer days me, my dad, and my sister went biking at the park. While we were biking my sister and my dad saw a two deer. When they asked me if I saw that deers I said NO, because I really didn’t saw it because I’m too busy looking at this breathtaking view at my back and they laugh just laugh at me because I have like 4 eyes  get it, having glasses.Then couldn’t even see big animals like deer. They laugh at me all the way to my house and we were laughing till the end of the day.

How ever busy my dad is he always have time for me and that is why I love my dad and I won’t change him to anything no matter what, because I believe that the most important thing in the world is your family.


Turning Point

When I was born to this world, I know that the first time i opened my eyes my life would changes a lot more than I expected. All people would grow up into a baby to a old woman. My life changes when I grew up from a little cute baby to a grown up teenager. I met new people like my parents and my family. I know that they were always there to love me, support me, protect me and being there beside me, even when I have my own family and became an old woman and die.

On the first time i opened my mouth the first thing I learn to speak was “mama” (it’s what I called to my mom)and “papa” (it’s what I called to my dad) I was really happy when I saw my parents beside me to make me happy every time. I was more satisfied when I saw more family to come, when I saw my grandparents,aunts and uncles and a lot of cousins and of course. But I was more trilled when my sister came and make me annoyed every time but I still love her.

I also learn new things when I was little my grandma “inang” always taught me how to cook. Me and my grand always have a lot of time each other. We cook Filipino food that is really yummy and the smell ” ahhhhhhhh” i feel relieved when I smell the Filipino food that we cook.

I’m thankful that there are my friends for me  who also changes my life that we always have some fun everytime i was with them and make me laugh even when I wasn’t happy or if I want someone to talk to.

I learn how to walk and talk because of my family who always there when I needed them and that is why I’m always thankful to them.

My teachers from elementary to high school also changes my life because they taught me at school and for they were my second parents. They always taught me a new things everyday I went to school and learn a valuable lessons.

MY life also changes when my birthdays are celebrate my age always increases and every year my life changes I become and matured.But for me I can’t feel that I’m becoming a matured person. Also  Christmas and other events that I am with my family together and forever.