Video Game writer/character designer – My Dream Job

My dream job is A video game story writer. They are part of the design team. They focus on the main plot but can also work on character design and dialogue. I would be good at this because when I am bored I will role play in my head. I have created characters that have proper depth to them just from what they say. I have also created stories with said characters.

I would also like to be a character designer. They (as the name suggests) design the characters, whether it be the physical design or the development. I think I would be good at designing characters because I have a large array of possible ideas already. Another reason (that I have previously stated) I role play in my head when I am bored. I have designed characters down to the simplest details.

I have seen a lot of games in my life and I think I know the basics of them. I spend most of my weekends watching people play games and have always wanted to make one for myself. If I had the option to take a course on game design I would take it without hesitation.

I think I would be good at either of these jobs because I have many ideas. I would most definitely enjoy doing either.

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