My blueprint knowledge

The top  3 subjects I got were computers, PE, and business.

I am not surprised that I got computers because I enjoy working with technology. I would like to learn more about computers and how they work. I would appreciate being able to learn how to code. If I had the opportunity I would take a course on computer programming. I will more likely than not major in computer sciences.

My second subject was physical education. I want to have a healthier lifestyle. I also would like gym if our class would understand that we are getting free exercise and stop constantly complaining. I don’t think that if I had to choose between PE and another subject I would choose it but for the time being, I enjoy it when the class listens.

The 3rd subject I got was business. I understand this because I would like to start a small business if I had the resources and something to offer. If the school had a business program I would probably enter it but to my knowledge, we don’t so I can’t. I would most likely minor in business management as a fallback if my major doesn’t work out.


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