Qualities of Friendship

Qualities of Friendship

  1. Leader
  2. Smart
  3.  Nice
  4. polite
  5. Wise

The five traits I chose that I want in friendship were, in order, a leader, smart, nice, polite and wise. The reasons for this are as follow.

I want my friends to be leaders. I want this in my friendships because I am not a leader myself so if my friends are leaders I don’t have to be. I also want my fringes to be smart because then if I need any help with any homework of understanding concepts. I can also have a proper conversation or debate with them.

I chose nice and polite as the next two traits for the following. I want nice friends because who doesn’t want to be treated nicely, I will also be able to agree with there actions better. I want polite friends because again, it will be easier to agree with there values and morals.

I chose wiseness as my last trait. I choose wiseness because if my friends are wise they can help me understand stuff easier and teach my stuff I don’t know.

That is my reasoning for choosing a leader, smart, nice, polite, and wise as my 5 traits of friendship.


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